Reason #9 to Defeat Barack Obama: Obamacare is a death sentence for many disabled and elderly persons . . . if Obama is re-elected

Reason #9 to Defeat Barack Obama:  Obamacare is
a death sentence for many disabled and elderly persons
. . . if Obama is re-elected

Previous reasons in this series have included Barack Obama’s support for late abortions, partial-birth abortions and sex-selection abortions.  If you think none of these affect you directly, now there’s a threat to life that will affect almost everyone.

The Obamacare law that was just upheld contains a deadly poison pill.  This poison pill can kill disabled and elderly persons just as assuredly as if it were an actual capsule of cyanide.  Here’s why:

The law gives federal bureaucrats the power to impose rationing standards on all health care providers that would require them to deny some lifesaving treatments even if the patient is willing and able to pay for it.

They will do this through the so-called “Independent Payment Advisory Board” and the Department of Health and Human Services.  These bureaucrats will now have enormous powers to tell doctors what treatments they will not be allowed to provide.

Every one of us knows a loved one who is disabled or elderly and will need advanced treatments to preserve their lives or improve their health.  Unless Barack Obama is defeated and a pro-life Congress elected in November, many of those Americans just received a death sentence.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board begins in 2015.  That’s when its policies can begin the rationing and effective involuntary euthanasia of patients throughout America, all in the name of “cost savings.”

We have one chance to overturn the death sentence that now hangs over the heads of potentially millions of disabled and elderly persons.  On November 6th, we will decide if Obama and an anti-life Senate will be re-elected, or if we will elect Mitt Romney and a pro-life Congress who will repeal Obamacare.

Now is the time for every single American who cares about the unborn or who might have a loved one threatened by denial of life-saving care to support the National Right to Life Victory Fund to defeat Barack Obama and elect a pro-life Congress.

Please share this e-mail with everyone you know who has a loved one who might be threatened by this law.  Please encourage them to donate to the NRL Victory Fund.

And please make a generous donation yourself.  The NRL Victory Fund uses proven methods of identifying and getting out the vote for pro-life candidates.  You will not find a more effective way to help defeat Barack Obama and his anti-life supporters in Congress than through your donation to the National Right to Life Victory Fund.  Thank you for your support!