Today’s NRLC 2012 featured speaker, Susanna Musser







SUSANNA MUSSER lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with her husband Joe and their eleven children, ages 2 to 18. They found out halfway through Susanna’s pregnancy with their youngest daughter, Verity, that she would be born with Down syndrome and a severe heart defect.

God used this precious new daughter and a video about adult mental institutions in Serbia to open their eyes to the truth, and compel their family to adopt a child with special needs from Eastern Europe.

Although Joe and Susanna faced many impossible obstacles during their adoption process, God removed every obstacle in their path. Last November, they brought home a tiny girl with Down syndrome who had spent most of her 9 1/2 years suffering extreme neglect and a starvation diet. Katerina was 29” long, weighed just 10 1/2 lbs, and could not walk or talk or feed herself. As she received love and nutrition, she immediately began to grow, and has shown amazing progress in just a few months’ time.

Thousands of people have given praise to God for what He has done through Katie’s life, opening more eyes to the value in the life of every child, and bringing many more children with special needs into loving families. Joe and Susanna’s greatest desire for their lives is that God would use them in any way He chooses to show Himself for who He truly is.