Reason #1 to defeat Barack Obama





Between now and election day, the National Right to Life Victory Fund will publish 54 reasons why Barack Obama must be defeated.  We will do this to commemorate the tragic loss of the 54 million innocent unborn children who have been killed by the pro-abortion policies Obama supports.  We will not attempt to rank-order the 54 reasons; today’s Reason #1 is chosen because it is timely and shows how much of a cheerleader Barack Obama has become on behalf of abortion at home and around the world.   

Reason #1: Obama continues to financially support China’s one-child policy abuses, even as Chen Guangcheng leaves China.

At first glance, the United States government gets props for helping Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng get out of China to take a university fellowship in the U.S.

But the reason Chen and his family were forced to give up everything and start their lives over in the U.S. was because of Chen’s opposition to China’s brutal one-child policy, a policy the Obama Administration continues to support financially

On this issue, the Obama Administration has blood on its hands.  Only 11 days into his presidency, Obama proposed giving $50 million of U.S. taxpayers’ money to the United Nations Population Fund (known as UNFPA).   UNFPA is notorious for advising and helping fund China’s population-control program, the most brutal in the world. 

The centerpiece of that program is China’s dictate that most families are only allowed to have one child, and only after being issued a government birth license.  Women pregnant with a second child–or even an ulicensed first child–are subjected to forced abortions, infanticide of their newborns, and compulsory sterilization. Chen incurred the wrath of Chinese officials when he exposed and documented those abuses, abuses aided and abetted, even if indirectly, by grants from U.S. taxpayers.   

Pro-life Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush ended the funding for UNFPA.  Mitt Romney has promised to do the same.  But pro-abortion Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton gave UNFPA hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.  Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, even told an audience at a university in China “Your policy has been one which I fully understand – I’m not second-guessing – of one child per family.”

Men and women throughout China have suffered so much to end this brutality.  I humbly ask you to give three things, none of which will cost nearly as much as what brave activists like Chen Guangcheng have been forced to give:

Your vote.  Vote for a pro-life President and Congress.

Your voice.  Speak up for the unborn.

Your financial support.  The NRL Victory Fund will use proven grassroots methods to get people out to vote for pro-life candidates, but will we have enough funds to reach everyone who needs to hear our message?  That’s up to you and me, so please help!

Thank you for your support.  With your help we will prevail in November and answer the cries of so many unborn children who need our help. 

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life

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