NRL PAC Endorses Josh Mandel for Senate in Ohio

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director

Ohio Pro-abortion Sen. Sherrod Brown (left) and Republican pro-life challenger, State Treasurer Josh Mandel

The National Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed pro-life state Treasurer Josh Mandel for election to the United States Senate from Ohio.  The contest against incumbent pro-abortion Sherrod Brown (D) is expected to be one of the closest of any Senate race in 2012.

Mandel, a Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq, is well known as an extremely hard-working candidate.  He was elected to Ohio’s state legislature in 2006 after knocking on 19,679 doors and wearing out three pairs of shoes.

There is a stark contrast between Josh Mandel and Sherrod Brown on life issues.

For twenty years, first in the House and now in the Senate, Sherrod Brown has consistently voted for pro-abortion legislation, including taxpayer funding for abortion.  He voted to enact President Obama’s pro-abortion health care law (ObamaCare), which will provide government funding for health plans that pay for abortion on demand, and will promote the rationing of lifesaving treatments.  During consideration of that legislation, and throughout his congressional career, Brown has consistently opposed limitations on federal funding of abortion.

Brown also consistently opposed the legislation to ban partial-birth abortions, which was enacted over his objections.  The ban was ultimately upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2007 on a 5-4 vote.  As a senator for the past six years, Brown has already voted to confirm two justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who had histories of supporting extreme pro-abortion positions.

In recognition of his strong pro-abortion stance, both the political arm of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, and NARAL’s political action committee have endorsed Brown for re-election.

By contrast Josh Mandel is a strong advocate for life. Mandel opposes ObamaCare and will vote to repeal it.  He believes that “government-run healthcare should be repealed in whole immediately.”  Mandel’s support is needed to reverse the pro-abortion and pro-rationing effects of ObamaCare.

He supports pro-life legislation and opposes the use of government funding for abortion.

“The National Right to Life Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse pro-life state Treasurer Josh Mandel for election to the United States Senate,” said David N. O’Steen, Ph.D., National Right to Life Committee executive director. “We look forward to working with Josh Mandel to restore legal protection for innocent life -– unborn children and medically disabled or dependent persons whose lives are threatened by abortion or euthanasia.”

Ohio’s U.S. Senate race is in a statistical dead heat.  According to an April 20, 2012, Rasmussen Poll of likely voters, Sherrod Brown has 44% to Josh Mandel’s 41%.

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