Another Wisconsin Abortion Clinic Eliminates RU 486 Chemical Abortions

By Barbara Lyons, executive director,
Wisconsin Right to Life

Barbara Lyons

At this time, RU 486 chemical abortions, which comprise 26% of all Wisconsin abortions, are not readily available in Wisconsin.  Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, which operates three abortion clinics in Wisconsin, suspended RU 486 abortions last month.  Affiliated Medical Services, located in Milwaukee, has also suspended them. 

Will this moratorium last?  Unfortunately it’s not likely. Abortion clinics valiantly try to make Governor Scott Walker and the legislature villains in the fictitious “war on women.”  Watch for chemical abortions to resume sometime after the June 5 recall elections in which pro-life Gov. Walker and four pro-life state Senate seats are targets.

The “logic,” or lack thereof, for eliminating this “service” is laughable.    Affiliated Medical Services proclaims on its website that — “Effective 5-11-12 Due to pending legislation in Wisconsin, we are no longer able to offer the Abortion Pill.  We regret this inconvenience and encourage you to contact state legislators and the Governor to express your frustration!”  Hint, hint.

The new Wisconsin law enacted by the legislature requires that prior to prescription of an abortion-inducing drug, the prescriber must perform a physical exam on the woman and be physically present to give the drug.     Abortion proponents wail that these provisions are, in the words of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, “vague, unnecessary and intrusive restrictions for abortion providers.”  During debate on the new law, pro-abortion legislators insisted that telling women to return for follow-up at the clinic that administers the drug is detrimental as women should be able to go to a medical provider in their own community.

So, what does the Affiliated Medical Services website say about administration of what they call the Abortion Pill?

“Requires 3 visits to the clinic” (Not to a medical provider somewhere else)

“Requires a pelvic examination on day medication is given” (A physical exam!   Pro-abortion legislators made this sound like an unprecedented invasion on the woman’s body — a war on women!)

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Director Lisa Subeck states in a news release on the suspension of RU 486 abortions by Affiliated Medical Services that “Wisconsin women are worse off with Governor Walker than with any other Governor in recent history.  The June 5th recall election provides an unprecedented opportunity to put a decisive end to Walker’s War on Wisconsin Women.”

If it weren’t so deadly and serious, one could have a good laugh at the easily-refuted rhetoric employed by those who take money from women for destroying their children.