Teen Training Camps Reach Those Who Are Most Influential In Abortions Decision

Editor’s note. The following comes from Wisconsin Right to Life, National Right to Life’s state affiliate

At the end of April, Wisconsin Teens for Life, with the support of Wisconsin Right to Life, will be hosting its annual convention. Those in attendance will be high school and college-aged students who are interested in learning more about life issues. They will attend workshops in which they consider the scientific and moral elements that are involved in abortion and euthanasia; they will learn to debate opponents with sensitivity and accuracy; and they will be energized and emboldened to be the change that they want to see in the world.

Why is this important to you? Because these teens are peers of the next generation of women who will experience crisis pregnancies. These teens will be their confidantes, counselors, and influencers. We need these teens in our high schools and colleges across Wisconsin to be the kind word, the ray of hope, and the inspiration to choose life. We need these teens to tell the story that the popular doesn’t tell – about the intrinsic value of human life.

Teen training also has another benefit: we’re growing and strengthening right-to-life resolve in a group that puts their beliefs into action. This demographic will lobby legislators, educate peers, vote right-to-life, and eventually become adult leaders for life. We cannot fail them by providing anything less than the quality education they require to learn, grow, and succeed at this important mission.

Wisconsin’s teens need your support so that they can support the precious lives that are endangered by abortion and euthanasia. By encouraging teens to act on their beliefs, we can save lives!