Planned Parenthood’s Comparision Omits the “A” Word

By Jonathan Rogers, Field Coordinator, National Right to Life


Jonathan Rogers

Time for your regular, “wait, they said what?” segment on Planned Parenthood’s ongoing attempt to talk about anything other than abortion.

Last week the nation’s number one abortion provider released a video arguing that pro-life former Gov. Mitt Romney and pro-life former  Senator Rick Santorum are “exactly the same” on “women’s health.” ( The video goes on to make a breathtakingly dishonest set of claims– that Mr. Romney would “make it harder for women to get breast and cervical cancer screenings”  and that he “supports laws that could ban birth control and even fertility treatments”—before playing a clip of Romney (accurately) saying that “we’re gonna get rid” of Planned Parenthood.

What’s missing (besides the truth)?

Saying that a pro-life politician wants to take away cancer screenings for women is like antebellum Southern defenders of slavery claiming that abolitionists wanted to ban farming. Besides being untrue, one has nothing to do with the other and is a desperate attempt to focus on something other than the evil at hand.

Few people think that Planned Parenthood would be the cultural and political lightning rod that it is if PPFA was not the largest abortion “provider” in the United States—more than 329,000 annually! Which is why, instead of taking about abortion, it always dishonestly attributes base motives to those who oppose PPFA’s abortion promotion so that no one will notice that a  2009 Planned Parenthood factsheet confirmed that 12% of Planned Parenthood’s clients–nearly one out of every eight women–was an abortion patient.   

Pro-lifers and pro-life politicians are interested in saving lives by ending legalized abortion. That’s our concern, that’s why we oppose Planned Parenthood. For Planned Parenthood to relentlessly claim that we’re out to do all sorts of things without mentioning our actual and clearly stated goals is dishonest, and shows they aren’t interested in an honest policy discussion about abortion and what to do about it.

It also is a backhanded acknowledgement that abortion is a losing issue for them. So they’ll try to talk about lots of other non-controversial things, in a giant attempt to tell the public, “don’t look behind the curtain.”

They won’t admit that opposition to their organization is about opposition to abortion. So we’ll have to continue to draw attention to it. We have to continue to talk about abortion, to talk about the unborn children killed, and the mothers wounded. And Planned Parenthood’s role in that.

Mitt Romney opposes Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood is the number one performer of abortions in America, and because Planned Parenthood is one of the most powerful pro-abortion lobbies and political donors, and because they receive government funding. Deep down, everyone knows that.

Including Planned Parenthood.