A Quick Look at Tuesday’s Presidential and Congressional Primaries

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director

Karen Cross

This Tuesday, April 3, in winner-take-all primaries, Republican voters in Maryland (with 37 delegates at stake), Wisconsin (with 42 delegates), and the District of Columbia (with 19 delegates) go to the polls to help determine their party’s presidential nominee.  A total of 1,144 delegates are needed to secure the GOP nomination to run against pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Former Governor Mitt Romney is leading in polls in both states, one narrowly, the other by an almost 2-1 margin. 

Recent polling in Wisconsin conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) has Romney at 43%, former Senator Rick Santorum at 36%, Rep. Ron Paul at 11%, and former Speaker Newt Gingrich at 8%.  In PPP’s Maryland polls, Romney leads with 52%, compared to 27% for Santorum, 10% for Gingrich, and 9% for Paul.

Five more presidential primary contests will be held on April 24th in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Two congressional primary elections will also be held in April: one in Maryland on April 3, and the next in Pennsylvania on April 24.  Voters will determine their party’s nominees for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

In Maryland, pro-abortion Sen. Ben Cardin has spent more than one million dollars in an ad campaign for his re-election in the Democrat primary.

Pro-life Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R) will face challengers in Tuesday’s Republican primary election.  The winner of the Republican primary will face either pro-abortion businessman John Delaney (D) or pro-abortion state Senator Rob Garagiola (D), who are the leading Democrat contenders in tomorrow’s Democrat primary election.  Due to redistricting, Maryland’s 6th congressional district now leans Democrat.

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