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Two Pro-Life Bills to be Considered by Wisconsin Assembly Next Week

By Dave Andrusko

Barbara Lyons

Two bills of direct concern to pro-lifers in Wisconsin will receive a vote in the State Assembly next  Tuesday, Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director Barbara Lyons said on Thursday.

March 13 is the last day of this legislative session. The State Senate has already approved both measures.

AB 154/SB 92:  The bill allows Wisconsin to “opt-out” of taxpayer-funded abortion coverage under ObamaCare

ObamaCare requires the States to operate and maintain “health insurance exchanges” where individuals can shop around for health insurance plans. But ObamaCare also gave each state the right to prohibit coverage of abortions under the qualified health plans offered through the exchanges. Wisconsin would join 14 other states that have opted-out of this coverage.

AB 371/SB 306:  The Coercive and Web Cam Abortion Prevention Act is legislation to protect women from coerced abortions and to prohibit unsafe RU-486 chemical web cam abortions.

SB306 passed the Senate, in spite of the best efforts of pro-abortionists to use procedural moves to scuttle the bill.

For far too long, numbers of women have reported that they were coerced into having abortions.  SB306 ensures that an assessment will be made to determine if a woman’s consent to an abortion is voluntary.  The bill requires that the abortionist speak to the woman in private to determine if she is being coerced.  If she is a potential or actual victim of domestic abuse, the abortionist must give her information on where she can receive help. 

In addition, women will be further protected by requiring both a physical exam and in-person administration of abortion-inducing drugs such as the two-drug RU486 technique.  This requirement would prohibit web cam abortions, which are occurring in Iowa and Minnesota, from being introduced into local communities in Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin Right to Life has been the lead organization for these measures by providing the following:  educating legislators, recruiting testimony for public hearings, assembling exhaustive research, pushing for scheduling of the bills, and coordinating grassroots contact with legislators,” Lyons said. “We thank the Wisconsin Catholic Conference and Wisconsin Family Action for supporting these bills.”

Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign these measures into law.   Enactment of these laws will complete an ambitious and hugely successful legislative session with new public policy in place designed to protect taxpayers, women, families and unborn children.

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