New NRLC YouTube Video Provides the Real Story Behind Obama Mandate

By NRLC Communications Department

Over the past several weeks, you couldn’t miss the headlines touting the Obama Administration’s so-called “contraception mandate.” And any casual reader or viewer of most news organization would be left with the impression that this mandate was “merely” about birth control. Sadly, those casual readers would be wrong and grossly misinformed, as National Right to Life President Carol Tobias explains in a video released late last week on NRLC’s YouTube channel.

As Carol notes, when the Obama healthcare law was being debated in 2009 and 2010, National Right to Life “warned that the ‘preventative health services’ provision would empower the Secretary of Health & Human Services to mandate coverage of any medical service, including abortion, merely by adding the service to an expandable list.”


This first foray by President Obama and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius into expanding the preventative health service list may have dealt with FDA-approved birth control on the surface, but underneath, we see that it do so at the expense of First Amendment protections of religious liberty and conscience protections. 

If they can mandate that religiously affiliated organizations must provide birth control coverage for their employees over their religious objections, there is nothing stopping the Administration from saying that an organization like National Right to Life must provide abortion coverage for its employees. What’s next? Funding assisted suicide in states where it is legal?

The bottom line: the real impact of the Obama mandate was never explained in mainstream press accounts.  If you want the real facts, take 2 minutes to watch Carol’s latest video. And then take another 2 minutes to share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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