What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today “Leaders for the Present and the Future, Part 1”

By Dave Andrusko

How does a Movement—in this case the Right to Life Movement—know its future is secure? That’s a question National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias addresses today and tomorrow.

“The present and the future of the pro-life movement is in good hands – the hands of our young people,” she says in Thursday’s broadcast. “I’ve known that for many years, but it was reinforced to me again last month with the sight of so many young people in attendance at the March for Life here in Washington and at events held by our state affiliates at state capitols across the country.”

But it’s not the annual assembling of pro-life youth that alone explains Mrs. Tobias’ confidence. Today she discusses National Right to Life’s summer with our college interns and students who attend our National Right to Life Academy. The interns are “a summer staple” at NRLC, “becoming vital members of the staff– doing research, drafting memos, fielding media calls, and working at the National Right to Life Convention.”  Most encouraging is that many have gone on to become leaders in their local chapter or state right to life group.

Mrs. Tobias also discusses the National Right to Life Academy — “a unique, five-week academic summer course for college students with a strong desire to put their pro-life passion to work.” (See “National Right to Life Academy: The opportunity of a (PRO)lifetime!”)

Mrs. Tobias ends today’s broadcast at www.prolifeperspective.com with a shout out to the growing number of “Teen for Life” groups. She explains how important pro-life teen are to their peers.

“These energetic students involved in Teens for Life groups make a difference in their schools, churches and communities.  And they are the ones most likely to know if a fellow student is pregnant and considering abortion.  They are the ones who can reach out to her with friendship and understanding, encouraging her to let her baby live.”

(See also “If We Build It, They WILL Come …”)

Tomorrow Mrs. Tobias will conclude PLP for the week with a closer look at how high school age children can become more actively involved in the fight for life.

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