What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Black Pro-Life Pioneers: Kay Coles James”

By Dave Andrusko

Kay Coles James

On Wednesday’s broadcast National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias takes the opportunity to honor another Black pro-life pioneer who has  made  major contributions to the pro-life movement. She tells us, “Each of their achievements carves a special niche in the rich history of the pro-life movement here in America.”

And it would be difficult to pick a more deserving woman, Kay Coles James, who served as director of public affairs for National Right to Life from 1985-1989.  Kay also founded and served as president of Black Americans for Life, an outreach of National Right to Life, as well as serving in a host of important private and public sector positions.

“Kay, who had been a counselor in a crisis pregnancy center, became a national spokesperson for unborn babies when she was asked to appear on a black cable television talk show on the abortion issue and how it relates to the black community,” Mrs. Tobias explains. “In her book, Never Forget, Kay writes of the experience something that holds true for every pro-lifer:

“I have since told people that to be effective in the pro-life movement, all it takes is a heart knowledge that abortion is wrong, genuine compassion for both women and children and a desire to help both, and obedience to the call of God in your life.”

You will really want to listen to today’s program found at www.prolifeperspective, so let me make just one other point.  An eloquent spokesperson for the pro-life movement and for unborn babies, Kay knows  first-hand how abortion has devastated the African-American community. 

“Not only does abortion take the life of an unborn child but Black women currently make up one-third of the abortions that are done in the United States,” Mrs. Tobias says. “The African-American community has suffered enough and pioneers like Kay James were the first to say ‘enough is enough.’”

If you’ve missed Monday’s  or Tuesday’s program, you can still hear them at www.prolifeperspective.com. Please be sure to pass this link along through your social networks.

Tomorrow Mrs. Tobias talks about “Register to Vote: It’s Your Duty.”

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