What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Black Pro-Life Pioneers: J.C. Watts”

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life former Congressman J.C. Watts

In February, children all across the United States will be learning about those African-American men and women who have played significant and lasting roles in our society. NRLC President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias has used the occasion of Black History Month to “take some time to look at the lives of the African-American pioneers of the Right to Life movement who have helped pave the way by defying family, the odds, and stereotypes to help the most vulnerable among us.”  Concluding her month-long discussion is former Congressman and staunch pro-life advocate J.C. Watts of Oklahoma.

Congressman Watts served as a strong voice for unborn children in the House of Representatives until he left office in 2002. Mrs. Tobias recalls when the FDA gave approval to RU-486, Mr. Watts, then chairman of  the House Republican Conference, released a statement denouncing its approval.  Mr. Watts wrote:

“Bill Clinton got the legacy he was looking for. On his third day in office, he issued an executive order to get the ball rolling on the approval of the abortion pill. Nearly eight years later, President Clinton got what he wanted, and the losers in his victory are women and children all across the country. This is a sad day for America.”

The statement continues:

“The population control folks and the abortion lobby will hail this decision as a victory for women, but it is quite the opposite. Do-it-yourself abortion has no place in a civilized society. …[C]ongratulations, Mr. Clinton: you never cease to amaze us in your quest to make abortion ‘safe, legal and rare.’”

As a pro-life Black Republican, Mr. Watts was the object of many derisive comments because his position on so many issues did not meet what Black Democrats in Congress insisted was the “correct” position. “However, Mr. Watts showed great strength in breaking stereotypes,” Mrs. Tobias tells us. “He also showed that protecting all human life is a human rights issue.“

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