Pro-Abortion Former Senator Bob Kerrey Appears to Have Changed Mind and will Run in Nebraska

By Karen Cross

Pro-abortion Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey

After initially declining to run three weeks ago, pro-abortion former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey (D) is re-considering a run for the U.S. Senate seat left open by the retirement of Senator Ben Nelson (D).  Kerrey’s decision, expected tomorrow, would  come just two days before Nebraska’s March 1, 2012, filing deadline.  

During his two terms in the U.S. Senate (1989-2000), Kerrey cast three votes in accord with NRLC’s positions, while he voted against NRLC 70 times, for a career Senate score of 4% (four percent). 

According to National Right to Life’s Federal Legislative Department:

·         Kerrey voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act five times, and for NRLC-scored pro-abortion amendments to the PBABA twice. 

·         In 1999, Kerrey voted for the Harkin Amendment to endorse  Roe v. Wade (10/21/99).

·         Kerrey consistently voted against limitations on the use of federal funds for elective abortions (for example, in the S-CHIP program and the federal employees’ health program). 

·         Kerrey also consistently voted against measures to protect a parent’s right to be notified before an abortion is performed on a minor daughter.

The Democratic field in the May 15, 2012 primary already includes Chuck Hassebrook, a University of Nebraska Regent; Steven Lustgarten, Larry Marvin, and Sherman Yates.

Thus far, Republicans vying for the nomination in the primary election include Attorney General Jon Bruning, state Senator Deb Fischer, investment advisor Pat Flynn, and state Treasurer Don Stenberg, all of whom are pro-life.

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