The Scales Begin to fall and the real Obama Emerges

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

It does not matter to single-issue pro-life voters whether a candidate is “liberal” or “conservative.” It’s whether they take the side of PPFA and NARAL and EMILY’s List against unborn babies or the side of life.

I happened to hear New York Times columnist David Brooks on the Laura Ingraham radio program as I drove into work yesterday. An item in POLITICO today reminded me that Brooks (who was one of many influential journalists who provided cover for pro-abortion Barack Obama in Obama’s run for President) had “doubled-down” on his opinion that Obama was now governing like a liberal. (Brooks had written a column to that effect a few months ago.)

Specially, Brooks told Ingraham (according to Donovan Slack of POLITICO) that  “I still like him and admire him personally, but he’s certainly more liberal than I thought he was.” Obama is “more liberal than he thinks he is. He thinks he’s just slightly center-left, but when you get down to his instincts, they’re pretty left. And his problem is that he can’t really act on them, because it would be political disaster. And so that means, I think right now he’s doing very little, proposing very little.”

New York Times columnist David Brooks

What to say about such as mish-mash? Two things. I do so in the first place because over the next ten months we will be showered with excuse-mongering for the President to justify why this pro-abortion-to-the-core President ought to be given a second term.

First, if you look at polling taken over the last year (at least), you find over and over that the public believes that Obama is more liberal than it is.  A recent example was a poll conducted in December by Gallup. As we explained yesterday, Gallup tested the public’s sense of how close to their own political persuasion the various Presidential candidates are.

They offered respondents a five-point scale “with 1 being very liberal and 5 being very conservative. Americans’ mean score on this scale is 3.3, meaning the average American is slightly to the right of center ideologically,” according to Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones. The two furthest away?  Rep. Michele Bachmann, who left the race after Iowa, and President Obama! More generally, “A majority of Americans, 57%, perceive Obama to be liberal, with 23% describing his views as moderate and 15% as conservative,” Jones wrote.

The important point is that the public properly senses that, ideologically, he is not one of them. The more important point is that our task over the next ten months is to help those who are not pro-life to understand that on the abortion issue, Obama is not one of them! He is the candidate of PPFA, NARAL, and EMILY’s List.

Second, Brooks is half-right about Obama’s “instincts.” The political climate MAY be inhibiting him from proposing certainly unpalatable policies. But on our issues—abortion/ObamaCare—Obama has followed the lead of the abortion lobby. Were he to win a second term he would be free of the need to even fake “moderation.”

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