The Generosity of Pro-Life Americans

By Dave Andrusko

Photo courtesy: Rhode Island Right to Life

As we post for the last time before Christmas, I thought I would share something that I hope lifts your spirits as much as it does mine.

I understand that surveys are imperfect and that results vary from year to year. But according to this year’s Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index, the United States is the world’s most generous nation. (It was also very encouraging to read in the CAF’s press release that “Overall the World Giving Index demonstrates that the world has become a more charitable place over the last 12 months.”)

How is this tabulated? Using data from Gallup’s Worldview World Poll, the Foundation looked at three behaviors: “giving money, volunteering time and helping a stranger.” And the numbers for Americans was truly impressive.

Two-thirds said they had donated money; 43% said they had volunteered time; and 73% said they had helped a stranger in the preceding month.

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, in their selfless pursuit of justice for  the unborn pro-lifers demonstrate  these behaviors in their most pristine form. Your generosity to National Right to Life, for example, enables us to carry the fight in our nation’s capital and, through our 50 state affiliates, to the entire nation. (See

I know that many of you volunteer for your local chapters and for the crisis pregnancy centers in your communities. If we know anything about the plague of abortion, it surely is that your genuine concern for a woman facing a crisis pregnancy can act as a kind of inoculation.

And as we have discussed countless times in almost  all cases you will not know the individual baby your labors may have saved. In that sense these little ones are strangers.

But while you may not know their name, your care and concern and commitment is the purest form of generosity and charity.

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