Former Planned Parenthood Director to Testify in Support of the Coercive and Webcam Abortion Prevention Act

On  Tuesday December 13, the Wisconsin State Senate Health Committee will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 306.  Known as the Coercive and Webcam Abortion Prevention Act, Senate Bill 306 is authored by Senator Mary Lazich and Representative Michelle Litgens.  Wisconsin Right to Life is the lead organization promoting this important legislation.

The measure would protect a woman who is being coerced into having an abortion. Senate Bill 306 would also protect a woman from RU486 webcam abortions in which the mother is located in a remote location and is not seen by the abortionist who, after a brief screening and “counseling” session, clicks a mouse which triggers the opening of a drawer from which the woman takes out the two drugs that make up the “RU486″ chemical abortion regimen. (These are also called telemed abortions.)

A description of SB 306 can be found here:

Among those testifying at the public hearing will be Sue Thayer, who worked for nearly 18 years as the center manager of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Storm Lake, Iowa.  She was fired in December 2008 when telemed abortion was being introduced in every Planned Parenthood in Iowa.  Sue has gone on to become a strong voice for life and has been instrumental in educating the public about the tragedy of abortion and specifically telemed abortion.

Sue has been a foster parent to 130 children, spanning the past 24 years.  Her own large family is a delightful blend of cultures, including thre adopted children.  She is a tireless advocate for children, with a special love for the unborn.  Sue’s unique experiences give her a distinctive viewpoint which she will bring to the public hearing.

Other testimony in support of SB 306 will be given by women who have undergone abortions, counselors who have worked with women who have been coerced into having abortions or who have had RU 486 abortions, and others.