Pro-Life Perspective: “Finding Just the Right Words,“ Part Three

NRLC President Carol Tobias

By Dave Andrusko

Beginning Wednesday and concluding today, National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias has walked listeners through the scenario where you meet a post-abortive woman. She has helped us understand many of the “Dos” and “DON’Ts,” starting with the most important truth that often you are dealing with a very wounded human being.

Yesterday Mrs. Tobias discussed having a conversation with a friend who is trusting you with what may well have been a closely-kept secret: she has had an abortion.

Today Mrs. Tobias talks candidly about those occasions when it is less a heart-to-heart and more a confrontation. But even though the woman may be looking for a battle, Mrs. Tobias reminds us there is no “enemy” in front of you, only abortion’s second victim.

Say you are at a fair booth. “The sight of your posters or models may shatter long-held but shaky defenses in her heart,” she reminds us. “Be aware that one of the most significant features of post-abortion syndrome is the need to deny and rationalize what’s been done to our children and to us.”

Mrs. Tobias offers a number of gentle suggestions for what can be a very delicate situation. We need to make it very clear to her that “you care about this woman before you,” she says. “To you she is not just a figure in a national debate but a hurting human being who is reaching out for help.” We must make sure she understands that you are here to help.

Mrs. Tobias offers her listeners a vitally important truth: “Perhaps the most important thing to always say is, ‘I’m sorry.  How can I help?’”

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