Election Trifecta: Mississippi Pro-Lifers now control both Houses and retain Governor’s Office

Mississippi Governor-elect Phil Bryant

Mississippi Right to Life is pleased with the victory of so many pro-life candidates in yesterday’s elections.

As a result of Tuesday’s elections there are now a majority of pro-lifers in the House and the Senate and one pro-life governor was replaced with another pro-life governor.

“We are very happy to see the election of pro-life candidates to all levels of government,” stated Barbara Whitehead, President of Mississippi Right to Life  “We flipped the House and increased the number of pro-lifers in the Senate.  Now the real work begins.”

Mississippi Right to Life State Political Action Committee endorsed Phil Bryant for Governor as well as Tate Reeves for Lt. Governor; both pro-life candidates were elected with overwhelming majorities. 

With elections over and the next legislative session only two months away, the real work of lawmaking now goes into high gear for the pro-life movement. 

“We look forward to working with our newly-elected pro-life officials to enact legislation to protect unborn babies who experience excruciating pain from abortion, and to protect the elderly to ensure they receive lifesaving treatments that they want,” Whitehead stated.

The Mississippi State Legislature is set to convene in early January 2012 with myriad pro-life laws expected to be proposed.