Pro-Life Perspective: Combating Euthanasia, Part 2

By Dave Andrusko

Karen Ann Quinlan

In Tuesday’s edition of a two-part series, National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias walks her audience through a series of court decisions and state referenda that have dramatically reduced the protections available to vulnerable patients. The results, as Mrs. Tobias explains, are that

“The fight over euthanasia has not been like the fight over abortion.  Indeed, it’s almost been more insidious as pro-death advocates have worked quietly to change laws and redefine medical treatment. The assumptions of 30 years ago, that the presumption in all medical cases is for life, has been virtually reversed.”

The 1976 Quinlan case was the first step, in which the deprivation of life-saving medical treatment moved (through the use of “substituted judgment”) from voluntary to non-voluntary. Before long the “right” to reject “medical treatment” (done by someone else ostensibly on your behalf!) moved to include food and water.   

Mrs. Tobias then talks about what happened in here, in Oregon and Virginia, and overseas, particularly in the Netherlands.

With that as a backdrop, she encourages all listeners to fill out a pro-life “Will to Live” available from National Right to Life. Unlike “living wills,” the will to live makes a presumption for life-saving medical treatment. That will to live is available online at

Tomorrow Mrs. Tobias discusses the absolutely critical importance of grassroots NRLC chapters. If you missed yesterday’s or today’s edition, go to and place the link along through your social networks.

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