Planned Parenthood Loses Stranglehold, Funding in 95 of 95 Tennessee Counties

Shelby County Commission Becomes Last to Direct Family Planning Funds Away From Abortion Provider-Promoter

After forty years of preferential treatment by many political and public health leaders in Tennessee and an ironclad monopoly on the tens of millions of tax dollars earmarked for “family planning” programs in Memphis and Nashville, the abortion giant has finally been dealt a serious financial blow.  On Monday, members of the Shelby County Commission voted 9-4 to award the “family planning” contract to another non-profit organization, Christ Community Health Services.

The action follows similar efforts earlier this year when, under urging from the Haslam Administration, Nashville’s public health department agreed to accept all available “family planning” funds, a move resulting in the funds being diverted from Planned Parenthood’s Nashville abortion affiliate.  Taken together, more than $1,000,000 in tax payer funds has been re-directed in Tennessee since May.

The outcome is a victory for pro-life Tennesseans and realization of another longtime priority for Tennessee Right to Life.

“Without question, lives will be improved, changed and saved as a result of directing these tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities in Memphis and Nashville,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life.  “At risk women and families will now have the opportunity to receive quality care from ethical providers whose underlying goal is not to sell an abortion,” said Harris.

Tennesseans have proven one more time what can be positively accomplished for the protection of human life by working together. “Pro-life voters have spoken in a consistent manner over the course of years and their elected officials—councilmen, commissioners, legislators, mayors, congressmen, and our Governor—they have all joined the long effort to protect life and Tennessee’s taxpayers,” said Harris.

Tennessee Right to Life expresses sincere appreciation to Governor Bill Haslam, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, Congressman Diane Black, Speaker Beth Harwell, state Senators Stacey Campfield and Jack Johnson, state representatives Mark Pody and Bill Dunn, and Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell for their key leadership in ensuring that family planning dollars are directed to respected health providers in communities across Tennessee.  Additionally, the organization thanks members of the Shelby County Commission who voted to direct tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood: Brent Taylor, James Harvey, Terry Roland, Mike Ritz, Chris Thomas, Justin Ford, Steve Mulroy, Heidi Shafer and Wyatt Bunker.

Editor’s note. This explanation was provided by Tennessee Right to Life