NC Right to Life Fair Booth at NC State Fair Draws Positive Comments

Editor’s note. The following appeared last week on the blog of North Carolina Right to Life.

Each October, North Carolina Right to Life (NCRTL) proudly sets up its exhibit at the North Carolina State Fair in the Education Building. Over 100 pro-lifers volunteer their time and talent to man a shift (sometimes several) at the NCRTL booth.  Not only is the booth a blessing to those who visit it but to the volunteers too. 

Yesterday, one of the volunteers told us how touched she was by the man who stopped by to offer a pro-life poem and by another woman who came by to share her regret for the 2 abortions that she had.  This post abortive mother said that there was not one day that went by that she does not regret her decision to abort her children.  According to this volunteer, the majority of comments have been positive, with only [a tiny percentage] negative; those folks make their comments and then leave. This volunteer thanked NC Right to Life for the opportunity to work the booth.

Thousands of fair goers stop by our booth to sign our petition, view the award winning video about life, make donations for bumper stickers, magnets, precious feet pins, etc., and get information about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia/assisted suicide.  Each person who visits the booth receives a sticker which says, “Thanks Mom for Life.”  Many are returning visitors to the booth, who are looking for a new petition to sign and new materials to pick up. …