This Week on Pro-Life Perspective: Dealing With Media Inaccuracies, Part Five

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective host Carol Tobias concludes this week’s five episodes on how to correct media bias and inaccuracies with advice that might be summarized as “be yourself.” Why?

Because perhaps the best route, the most productive way to clarify and correct is to get to know reporters who will cover our issues. You get to know them, Mrs. Tobias explains, and they get to know you and WHY you believe passionately in our cause.

This is essential because those many reporters who have no abiding personal opinion on abortion take the position that abortion is legal, so why would you be working so hard against it? As Mrs. Tobias reminds the listeners, “The law teaches.”

Most of Friday’s broadcast is real nitty-gritty suggestions for those who act as chapter (or state) media representatives. Everything from keeping a current list of names/addresses/phone numbers/email addresses to honoring limitations such as not faxing in the middle of the night!

But Mrs. Tobias reiterates a point she made yesterday. You don’t to have a position in your organization to correct media bias and inaccuracies. You can write letters to the editor and, perhaps over time, be extended the opportunity to write an op-ed.

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