Planned Parenthood Gives Up on Redwood City Application

By Dave Andrusko

In an abrupt turnabout  a week before a final vote by the city council was scheduled, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte withdrew its application to open a clinic in Redwood City, California, the Mercury News reported. Spokeswoman Lupe Rodriguez provided no additional details other than that it will instead open a new center in San Mateo. Redwood City Associate Planner Michelle G. Tangunan said Planned Parenthood Mar Monte announced its withdrawal of a use permit request in an email.

The proposed new clinic would not have performed surgical abortions, but would have provided chemical abortions which have been associated the deaths of 14 women in the United States alone.

The decision is the latest twist in a complicated eight-month-long plot. It appeared as if the request would fly through. And it did initially— but with a proviso: 27 parking spaces within 300 yards of the proposed clinic.

Short nine spaces, PPFA assured the city it had an understanding with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to make up the difference. “Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, the organization’s regional office, produced a signed agreement with the rental car business for the extra parking stalls,” Bonnie Eslinger of the Daily News wrote last month. “But after Planned Parenthood informed the city recently that Enterprise now is trying to pull out of the agreement, planning officials amended the use permit to require direct confirmation of the deal from Enterprise by July 29 [].”

“We have been working on this for a really long time,” Rodriguez told the Mercury News. “It just wasn’t moving at a pace that was good for us and good for the community we wanted to serve.”

Opponents could only speculate that Planned Parenthood didn’t have the votes, couldn’t find the additional parking spaces, or was uncomfortable with local pro-life protests. At the September 19 meeting, the city council was scheduled to hear from local residents, pro-lifers, and residents who wanted the city to withdraw the permit.

As for the San Mateo site, Rodriguez said it  didn’t require obtaining a use permit because the site was previously used as a health facility, “adding there are no current plans to do abortions there.”

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