“The Old Lady Who Wouldn’t Die”: This Week on Pro-Life Perspective

By Dave Andrusko

Jane Gross and her mother Estelle.

The first two days’ installments of Pro-Life Perspective for this week are the kinds of deeply personal stories that remind us how many pro-lifers don’t just  talk their pro-life principles, they live them. Today National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias discusses a case that is as far away as the East is from the West.

Mrs. Tobias talks about a horrific story that appeared in the Daily Mail of London: “How I helped my mum to die” which carried the subhead, “They were never close—But When Jane Agreed to Help Her Ailing Mother Starve Herself to Death. And that shocking Pact Brought Them to Together.” (Across the pond they euphemistically call this “voluntary stopping of eating and drinking.”)

As Mrs. Tobias explains, this story was actually an excerpt from the author’s book,” A Bittersweet Season,” by Jane Gross. Ms. Gross is not shy about telling us she wanted her mother dead.

“As the days passed, I watched the hands of the clock from my perch in a corner of my mother’s room,” she writes. “They seemed to have stopped moving. She soon became a curiosity, as staff stood in her doorway to watch the old lady who would not die. I accused staff of sneaking her ice cubes when my back was turned. I was twitching with impatience. I wanted my mother to hurry up and die, and was ashamed to admit it.”

And she did die—thirteen days after food and water were withdrawn.

Mrs. Tobias gives us the important context. England has already legalized starving patients diagnosed as being in a “persistent vegetative state.” There is a case being decided right now that withdraw protections from patients who  are in so-called “minimally conscience state.”

As she warns us, “we continue on society’s slow march to eliminating the medically vulnerable.”

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