“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”

By Dave Andrusko

Today’s final story not only ends the week on a high note but is the last entry until next Tuesday. That’s why I am so glad to end with a few words about a new project of Louisiana Right to Life.

National Right to Life’s state affiliate alerted us to the “A Difficult Choice” ad campaign that began yesterday and features a new website and two billboards in the New Orleans area. Here’s how Executive Director Benjamin Clapper describes this important outreach:

The campaign aims to reach women through compelling and youthful advertisements that will connect them, through a website and hotline number, with local pregnancy resource centers that can offer immediate assistance.  The “ADifficultChoice.com” website provides users with an easy way to find pregnancy resources in their local areas and to view video testimonies of women who have faced crisis pregnancies. 

The goal of the campaign, we’re told, is to “let a woman know that there is local help out there if she finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy.  There is no need for people to face these situations alone.”

I’ve only had a chance to watch and listen to one of the testimonies—Bethany’s. What I particularly liked was that her testimony did not sugarcoat the challenges a unplanned pregnancy can present.

She tells us that there plenty of people willing to support her—support her decision to abort, that is! It was not until much later that she found that there are “people all over the place” eager to help her choose life.

Bethany’s affection for her daughter, now 19 months, is transparent. She both smiles and chokes up as she describes her daughter calling, “Mommy, mommy, mommy.”

There are many important things she tells us but none more powerful than “Abortion is only a cheap way out,” referring to the price of an abortion and perhaps much, much more. “Kids are worth more than that, a lot more than that.”

You can watch these testimonies at www.ADifficultChoice.com

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