Obama’s Numbers Drop Resembles the Stock Market’s

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Today and tomorrow I’ll be trying to catch up on some of the many developments which took place while my family and I were on vacation. What I don’t get to early in the week I promise to address later on.

For the Obama Administration watching its daily polls numbers must resemble the typical investor nervously eyeballing the stock market. While there may be an occasion anemic positive blip, the downward thrust is unmistakable.

Bearing in mind that numbers do fluctuate, the results of Gallup’s daily tracking poll Sunday must have sent a shiver up and down the President’s spine. Add a single-day decrease of 3% in approval ratings to a 4% increase in disapproval ratings and you get the worse numbers of his presidency: 38% approval and a whopping 55% disapproval! That may be a one-timer—the bottom of the bottom–or it may be (as I suspect it is) a harbinger of still further declines.

In prior posts, we’ve repeatedly documented the President’s decline among virtually every demographic group not to mention, most particularly, among political independents. And that doesn’t even address his precipitous drop in states that he needs to carry to be re-elected. Nor does it tap into the decline in enthusiasm among Democrats about even voting next year.

PPP (Public Policy Polling) is a Democratic polling company. PPP ran a post on August 19 (“Obama’s Base Problem”) which in the middle talks about how earlier in the year Democrats seemed to have bridged the enthusiasm gap: they were just as fired up about voting in 2012 as Republicans. No more.

In 13 polls conducted before August, PPP writes, “the average level of Democrats ‘very excited’ about voting next year had averaged 57%.” By contrast, “Only 48% of Democrats on our most recent national survey said they were ‘very excited’ about voting in 2012. On the survey before that the figure was 49%. Those last two polls are the only times all year the ‘very excited’ number has dipped below 50%.”

By contrast, “now 54% of Republicans say they’re ‘very excited’ about casting their ballots next year, indicating that the problem may be back. “

And it is also important to remember that Obama’s “signature issue”—ObamaCare—remains deeply unpopular.

Rasmussen reported this morning that “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows that 57% at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law, including 46% who Strongly Favor repeal. Thirty-seven percent (37%) at least somewhat oppose repeal, with 25% who are Strongly Opposed.“ This support for repeal is not only up two points from last week, the “number of voters who Strongly Favor repeal of the national health care law ties the highest level reached in several months, as most continue to believe the law will push up health care costs and the federal deficit.”

This widespread opposition is as consistent as it is strong. “Most voters have favored repeal of the measure every week but one since it was passed by Congress nearly 18 months ago,” Rasmussen reports. “Just 34% of voters now think the health care law will be good for the country, a finding that has ranged from 31% to 41% since its passage. Fifty-one percent (51%) believe the law will be bad for the country, while only three percent (3%) feel it will have no impact.”

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