By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. My family is on vacation. While we are gone I’ll be running articles from the past 12 months that you’ve indicated you particularly enjoyed. Dave

The story that has the dubious distinction of being today’s last-in-the-hopper is based on a column that a friend forwarded to me about ten minutes ago. But just because it is the final item does not take away from its importance.

The headline, obviously, is very appealing: “Five Signs the Pro-Life Cause Is Winning.”

Under his list of five Trevin Wax cites Public Opinion; the Media; Young People; the Third Wave; and “Abortion Advocates on the Defensive.”

His piece is very much worth reading, so let just lift a couple of quotes.

First, even though “the abortion debate will not go away,” we have reached in Wax’s opinion, “a tipping point in favor of the pro-life cause.”

Second, Wax nicely explains what the abortion debate is about. It is not about “reproductive freedom.” The “fundamental issue” at stake, rather, is “the desire to extend human rights to all — even the smallest and most vulnerable human beings among us.”

This leads Wax to this eloquent conclusion.

“Those who continue to ignore or deny the humanity of the unborn are increasingly on the defensive because new technologies are opening the window into the womb. What we find there are not tissues to be discarded, but human lives worth protecting.”

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