Preliminary Victory In New York City

Editor’s note. This Urgent Alert was sent out this afternoon by Heartbeat International

A victory was won in NYC today! A judge has issued a ruling granting a preliminary injunction prohibiting a new pro-abortion law from taking effect in New York City. The law places harsh restrictions on pregnancy help centers offering women alternatives to abortions.

After a recent hearing, The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), representing Heartbeat International and New York City pregnancy help centers, awaited Judge William Pauley’s decision. The law was set to go into effect tomorrow; however, the preliminary injunction handed down today will stop the law until a permanent decision is made.

“This measure violates crisis pregnancy centers’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, specifically protected by the constitution,” said ACLJ Senior Counsel, CeCe Heil. ”We are committed to protecting the rights of our clients and are urging the federal court to halt implementation of this ordinance and declare it unconstitutional. Similar ordinances have already been struck down in federal court and we have no doubt that this ordinance will be rejected as well.”

The ACLJ will continue to urge the federal district court to permanently block any enforcement of the law, pointing out that the law is a violation of pregnancy help center’s constitutional rights; especially the right to freedom of speech.

Complete defeat of this law is critical. If the law is enforced it will severely undermine the only alternative to abortion that nearly 5 million women living in New York City currently have! As it stands right now, 41% of all pregnancies in NYC end in abortion—making it one of the highest abortion rates in the country.

Today is the beginning of what we hope will be many victories in courtrooms across our nation.

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