NRLC’s First 41 Years: Laying the Foundation for a Pro-Life America

By Dave Andrusko

NRL News Editor Dave Andrusko

Two items came together on the 4th of July that I tucked away in my mental file cabinet for later use. Well, today is “later.”

Driving back from a fantastic fireworks display, my wife and I turned the radio on to enjoy a program a local station broadcasts yearly on our nation’s birthday. One of the major points of emphasis of this reminder of the challenges our nation faced at its founding is the critical importance of pamphlets and especially newspapers in the years leading up to and the first decades after the American Revolution.

The argument is as simple as it is powerful. In a democracy the people ultimately rule. But how can they exercise that function without being informed? Newspapers were indispensable as a source of information and in fostering literacy in the fledgling Republic, critical to an informed citizenry.

You are reading National Right to Life News Today, an electronic newspaper, if you will. We generate an awful lot of copy internally from the staff of National Right to Life and pass along some of the best essays and analyses from other pro-life sources. By doing both you, our readers, can keep up with the bewildering array of developments on topics ranging from abortion and rationing through stem cell research, assisted suicide, and the latest in legislation at the state and national levels.

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NRL News Today is the younger sibling of National Right to Life News. Amazing as it may seem NRL News was first published in the fall of 1973, almost 38 years ago. This 28-32 page publication long ago earned the title, “the pro-life newspaper of record.” Over 360,000 people from all around the world receive NRL News. If you are not among them, please either call us at 202-626-8828 or download a subscription form.

The second item that caught my attention on the 4th was a fascinating piece I read online written by Steven C. Wright. He informed us that his ophthalmologist told him he needed to trade in his single vision glasses and “specifically recommended progressive lenses that provide for clarity in three fields of vision: close distance, middle distance, and long distance.” Wright added, “While adjusting to my new glasses has been a challenge, I am starting to appreciate the benefits of being able to see clearly at various distances.”

In a brilliant twist he translated distance into time, reminding his readers of the importance of thinking near-term, longer-term, and longer-term yet. This immediately rang a bell.

Those are the multiple perspective National Right to Life brings to the Movement. Through the hard and productive work of NRL’s many departments (which we inform you about  through our publications), National Right to Life helps the novice and the veteran alike “connect the dots.”

But (to switch metaphors) it’s not just assembling pieces to a puzzle. By being able to “see” at all three distances, National Right to Life is particularly –and indeed uniquely–effective.

That’s why almost all bills that will make a difference are modeled after legislation created by National Right to Life. That’s why pro-life candidates, typically overwhelmingly outspent by their pro-abortion counterparts, can win, thanks to the ingenuity of NRL PAC.

That’s why the media, courtesy of NRL’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics, is finally catching on that ObamaCare is not only riddled with abortion-promoting features, but requirements that guarantee rationing.

And, looking to the future, courtesy of the NRL Academy, its intern program, and the new “Life and Leadership Camp Initiative” (which builds on successful camp programs in a number of NRL’s state affiliates), NRLC is playing a pivotal role in raising up the next generation of pro-life leaders.

I say all that to conclude with this: National Right to Life is your one-stop source to be equipped to be the most effective pro-lifer you can possibly be. Be sure to regularly visit, sign up to receive NRL News Today, and subscribe to National Right to Life News.

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