Listening to “Pro-Life Perspective”

By Dave Andrusko

“Pro-Life Perspective” is the official broadcast program of the National Right to Life Committee. Each day NRLC President Carol Tobias and co-host Olivia Gans bring listeners the most important news affecting our Movement as well as inspiring commentary and human interest stories.

I can’t believe that I just finished listening to Friday’s broadcast and not until then did I realized that I had not alerted you—beginning last Monday—about this week’s offerings. They are an especially interesting collection—highly diverse in their topics, but always entertaining and educational.

But you can still access all five broadcasts. If you have not heard them on your local stations, you can log in at and listen not only to today’s broadcast (in which NRLC President Tobias answers a question about the history of abortion in America and the beginnings of the pro-life movement) but also listen to Monday through Thursday’s five-minute broadcasts.

The topics include “Pro-Abortion Organizations Look to Latin America and Africa”; “Correcting Media Errors” (Parts One and Two); and a discussion about “NRLC’s Excellence in Journalism Award.”

Do yourself a favor and listen to all five at

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