Nashville’s Planned Parenthood Defunded for 2012, Funding for Memphis Affiliate Still Undecided

Pro-Life Tennesseans Should Thank Governor Haslam for Partial Victory, Encourage His Administration to Stand Firm in Defending Life

Editor’s note. Yesterday we wrote about funding battles in Tennessee . Today we’re running this alert from Tennessee Right to Life (TRL).

While many media reports claim that the longtime TRL goal of defunding Tennessee’s two Planned Parenthood affiliates has been accomplished, a closer review of the facts makes clear that the Shelby County Health Department has not yet agreed to accept all of the available contracts for birth control services with the state health department, leaving open the possibility that tax dollars may still flow to the Memphis Planned Parenthood facility where abortions are performed.

Director of the Shelby County Health Department, Yvonne Madlock, has requested an extension from state health officials in order to “avail ourselves of being ‘creative’ partners in making sure these (birth control) resources are available.”  According to the Memphis Flyer, Madlock has said that her Department “would not include or exclude” Planned Parenthood and maintains that her health department “does not have the current capacity” to undertake provision of the entire program for Memphis and Shelby County.

In contrast, after years of making the same claims, the Nashville public health department reversed itself and announced on June 10 that it would accept all available funding from the state in order to serve a larger number of clients.  As a result, the state will not contract with Planned Parenthood in Nashville for 2012.

“Pro-life Tennesseans and our pro-life Governor have come a long way toward the goal of defending human life by defunding Planned Parenthood,” said Brian Harris.  “But we still have a distance to go if we are to guarantee that public funds are directed to public agencies and not an organization such as Planned Parenthood which destroys Tennessee’s unborn children,” said Harris.

Contact Governor Haslam Again
Thank him for ensuring that no tax dollars go to Nashville’s Planned Parenthood.

Urge the Governor to defend life in Memphis, too, by defunding that city’s Planned Parenthood affiliate.

Email Governor Haslam 
Phone: 615.741.2001

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