An undigested grab bag of pro-abortion nonsense

By Dave Andrusko

The headline in the story in today’s POLITICO is “Poll: Public tired of abortion debate.” Let me take five paragraphs to deal with this pro-abortion fluff, not because it is of earth-shattering importance but for what it tells us about our benighted opposition.

First, there is no link to the poll itself, so we know only what is regurgitated in POLITICO. Not a good sign if you are expected to be taken seriously.

Second, the poll supposedly shows “Americans are growing tired of the abortion debate and want to move on to a broader discussion about reproductive health, a new survey by a Democratic polling firm finds.” Geez, what a surprise that one of the two organizations that commissioned the poll is the “National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, an organization that represents family planning administrators and clinicians.”

Third, we’re told that 79% of adults (49% strongly) agreed with a 77-word-long statement that included everything from soup to nuts. From that the reporter (acting as a stenographer for National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association) tells us that the public is “tired” of the old narrow discussion and wants a new broader discussion.

And for good measure there’s an off-handed reference to some unidentified poll whose results are that all is lost for any politician who votes to cut off funds to Planned Parenthood.

Talk about an undigested grab bag of nonsense. The pro-abortion crowd grows more nervous by the day.

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