A Pro-Abortion Concession that “This year’s surge against abortion may be just the beginning”

By Dave Andrusko

I’ve been reading the British publication “The Economist” periodically since the 1980s.  The writing is eloquent, and often times its perspective from ‘across the pond’ on a range of issues coming is very helpful. Alas, that is rarely the case on abortion, which is not surprising given the publication’s unyielding pro-abortion stance.

But I did find “Pushing back: A broad movement to limit access to abortion is gathering steam” helpful. Not because of the overall tone of lament, obviously, but for the laundry list of pro-life initiatives the story details and vision of the future.

The general tone is pro-lifers–always labeled “conservatives”–are always up to mischief—a “frenzy.” The reference in the following to “Mr. Pence” is to the amendment by pro-life Congressman Mike Pence to cut off federal funds to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and 102 named PPFA affiliates which passed the House in February. Pro-abortionists in the Senate were prepared to see budget negotiations between the pro-life House and the pro-abortion Senate collapse, forcing an interruption in many federal programs and services, in order to protect Planned Parenthood.

The Economist wrote,

“But this year is unusual, says Jennifer Dalven of the American Civil Liberties Union, an advocacy group. ‘The difference is that there are so many proposals,’ she explains, ‘and so many that are moving so far.’ Mr. Pence’s bill was a serious sticking point in talks over a government shutdown. Ms. Dalven thinks that the scale of the states’ actions is unprecedented.”

And that’s a very accurate statement—there are SO MANY pro-life proposals this year and THEY ARE not only “moving so far,” but passing. But it is the ending to the piece that is so encouraging.

While last November’s off-year elections may have set the table for 2011, “Broader cultural changes, however, may sustain the trend,” the Economist gloomily concludes. “Americans are split in their opinions over abortion, but support among the young is waning. In the early 1990s 36% of those aged 18-29 said that abortion should be ‘legal under any circumstances,’ according to Gallup. Today just 24% of young people support the statement…” Conclusion?

“This year’s surge against abortion may be just the beginning.”

When you come to the National Right to Life Convention June 23-25, be sure to take time to visit some of the workshops put on by young pro-life people. You will see that the Economist is, in anything, underestimating the pro-life surge among young people.

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