Nebraska Gov. Signs Stop Web Cam Abortions Bill

Lincoln—-Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman today signed into law, LB 521, the Stop Web Cam  Abortions bill.  With Gov. Heinemen were Senator Tony Fulton, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Dave Bloomfield, who prioritized the bill, Greg Schleppenbach of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, and Julie Schmit-Albin and Sandy Danek of Nebraska Right to Life.

LB 521 was Nebraska Right to Life’s priority legislation for the 2011 session. It extends the standard of care for abortion to provide that every abortion, whether chemical or surgical, is done by a licensed physician physically present in the same room as the pregnant woman/girl.  

Governor Heineman noted that Nebraska continues to be a national leader in passing innovative abortion laws, citing last session’s Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which bans abortions of unborn children capable of feeling pain. LB1103 was Nebraska Right to Life’s priority legislation in 2010 and remains legally unchallenged. 

National Right to Life’s Department of State Legislation drafted both LB 521 and LB 1103.

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