Alabama Senate Passes SB202 Opting Out of Abortion Coverage In Health Care Exchanges Created by ObamaCare

The Alabama Senate today passed SB202 sponsored by Senator Greg Reed by a 25 to 7 vote. The bill would prohibit coverage of abortions under the health plans offered by the “health insurance exchanges”which ObamaCare requires to be in place by 2014.

“Alabama Citizens for Life is delighted this measure is moving forward to the House, hopefully in time for passage by that body into law this year,” said Cheryl Ciamarra, Alabama Citizens for Life Legislative Director.

Alabama State Senator Greg Reed

In order to participate in the exchanges, insurance plans must meet the federally-prescribed compliance requires. These requirements include offering the essential health benefits package established by the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

However there is specific language in ObamaCare (formally known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) that allows States to affirmatively prohibit coverage of abortions under the qualified health plans offered through the exchanges.

According to Ciamarra, state Sen. Greg Reed said, ” We never stand so tall as when we are standing in defense of the unborn child.”  Reed added, “No work that we are going to do in this body that I am more passionate about or more important than to limit abortion in Alabama.”

Bill Klein, President of Alabama Citizens for Life, lauded the Senate’s action. “Hopefully today’s passage of this landmark legislation will be the beginning of many more measures passed by the Legislature to protect innocent human life.”

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