ObamaCare: Awful a Year ago, Increasingly on the Defensive Today

By Dave Andrusko

Two days ago I wrote about a Washington Post column– “The Fact Checker—The Truth Behind the Rhetoric,” by Glenn Kessler–that roasted what Kessler described as the “false or exaggerated” claims House Democrats made for and about ObamaCare


Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) wrote an op-ed for the Cincinnati Inquirer which further exposed the lies and distortions embedded in ObamaCare (aka the Affordable Care Act). 

They begin by observing that the law had been jammed through in an “unseemly way” by Democrats a year ago, and then ask, “Now that the fog has lifted and a year has passed, what do we know about this law we didn’t know then?”

Since you can read “Health Care Law Breaks Promises” in its entirety at http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/AB/20110322/EDIT02/103230329/&loc=interstitialskip, let me highlight just a couple of their excellent observations.

When it wasn’t rammed through or sugarcoated with promises of meaningless presidential executive orders, ObamaCare was sold on grounds that we could all keep our current health plans and reduce overall health expenditures. Neither is true, as McConnell and Boehner document, using non-partisan sources. (There are other problems as well that they analysize.)

But worse, in some ways, is that “When challenged about these broken promises, the administration has settled on a new refrain,” McConnell and Boehner write. “The president likes to say Americans aren’t interested in revisiting the debates of the past. No one would accept an answer like that from an electronics store manager who refused to offer a refund on a defective television. Why would they accept it when it comes to their health care?”

We don’t! From our single-issue, pro-life perspective, we DO want to revisit the debate. Partly because the ‘debate’ was never joined—the pro-abortion House and Senate leadership kept insisting that ObamaCare was not carrying  a shipload of pro-abortion and pro-rationing components;  and partly because when there was a pretend acknowledgement of possible problems, President Obama patted us on the head and told us that if it would make us feel better, he would sign an executive order that would remove any possible abortion-enhancing qualities, a blatantly inaccurate and insincere assurance.

ObamaCare: awful a year ago, on the defensive today.

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