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Decades after baby’s birth, fetal cells “come to a mother’s rescue”

By Dave Andrusko Later today or more likely tomorrow I will post a story that I’ve tried to get to since last Friday. In a controlled study, patients received a single injection of a type of adult

Pro-choicer: our sympathy for unborn babies means nothing

The one person who can't fight back.

By Sarah Terzo A pro-choice writer shared the following argument against laws protecting babies from late-term abortions: “We may, as many people do, sympathize with the pain we think the fetus feels, but we must be careful

Holding the lives of unborn babies hostage until the millennium arrives

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through August 25. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” — the

Thoughts on Life on the 4th of July

By Dave Andrusko I am writing this on July 3, two days after NRLC’s marvelous annual convention concluded. Like many, many others I blogged all three days—and I will continue commenting on this outstanding gathering all this

Our Humanity Selectively Reduced

By Dave Andrusko My wife and I virtually never see a new show when it first airs. Typically, one of our kids alerts us to something they think we would like. And thus far (we are months

Eight years later, real hope and change for unborn babies

By Carol Tobias, President Editor’s note. The January digital edition of National Right to Life News—35 pages of news stories, columns, editorials, and human interest features—is now available online. Please pass along the link using social media.

Bioethicist makes powerful stand for unborn babies at Citizens’ Assembly

Dr. Helen Watt

Editor’s note. This comes from our friends at SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. On January 7, Dr. Helen Watt of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre gave oral evidence to the Irish Citizens’ Assembly. The Assembly

In opposing Pain-Capable bills, pro-abortionists show how out of touch they are with the public

By Dave Andrusko As we are at the end some lame duck state legislative sessions and are preparing for the 2017 sessions, the pro-abortionists’ best friend–the media–is swinging into a kind of preemptive DEFCON 1 status. It’s

Fetal Surgery Shows Unborn Babies Are Patients Too

By Wesley J. Smith We hear sometimes from pro abortion types that fetuses are nothing of moral note until they are born–and sometimes not even then, e.g., personhood theory. We are sometimes told that during prenatal care,

Pro-abortionists exploit the most vulnerable unborn babies to attempt to destroy protective abortion laws in Ireland

Mick Wallace [Leah Farrell]

By Dave Andrusko It is as clear a signal as you could ever ask for of the ethos of those determined to dismantle the protective abortion laws in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that the

Thoughts on Life the Friday before the 4th of July

By Dave Andrusko Today is July 1, three days before our nation’s commemorates its birthday and six days before NRLC’s annual convention begins. If you have not registered, there is still time. Go to nrlcconvention.com. Last year,

UN has trampled on rights of people with disabilities in its rush to push abortion

Niamh Uí Bhriain, spokeswoman for Life Institute

Editor’s note. This analysis is provided by the Irish pro-life group, Life Institute. The post is in response to a decision by the U.N. Human Rights Committee that concluded Ireland’s “abortion law violates the U.N. International Covenant