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Texas AG will appeal court decision striking down ban on dismemberment abortions

By Dave Andrusko With a consistent track record of hostility to pro-life legislation, today’s decision by U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel of Austin striking down Texas’s Dismemberment Abortion Ban came as no surprise. Judge Yeakel’s 27-page -long

National Right to Life confident Texas law prohibiting dismemberment abortions will be upheld in Fifth Circuit

WASHINGTON – In a Thanksgiving-eve decision federal district Judge Lee Yeakel struck down part of bill passed earlier this year by the Texas legislature that would have prohibited gruesome dismemberment abortions in the Lonestar State. A temporary

Alternative to Abortion program receives additional $20 million from the state of Texas, ensuring continued growth and success

By Texas Right to Life The state of Texas will provide an additional $20 million to the Alternatives to Abortion program (A2A) for the 2018-2019 biennium. The hard-won Pro-Life budget victory ensures that the successful program will

A testimony to the power of faith and to the “26th victim,” an unborn child

By Dave Andrusko On November 8, we posted a story under the headline, “A tally of 26 murder victims that includes ‘space for one more’–an unborn child.” I wrote about the awful slaughter of parishioners at the First

Historic Hearing on Texas Dismemberment Abortion Ban Concludes

By Texas Right to Life A five-day trial on the Pro-Life Dismemberment Abortion Ban concluded Wednesday in Federal District Judge Lee Yeakel’s court. The trial is the latest development in a challenge to the law by several

A tally of 26 murder victims that includes “space for one more”–an unborn child

By Dave Andrusko The headline on the online version of a story that appeared in today’s New York Times— “Why the Tally of the Church Shooting’s Victims Included a Fetus”–was the prelude to a fascinating article by

Latest inspection reports reveal Texas abortion clinics continue egregious health and safety violations

By Texas Right to Life Once again, Texas abortion facilities are in the spotlight for glaring health and safety violations. Inspection reports from the Texas Department of State Health Services reveal notable violations by Whole Woman’s Health

Five-day-long trial opens in lawsuit against Texas dismemberment abortion ban

By Dave Andrusko At 9:00 this morning, opponents of a part of Texas’ Senate Bill 8 began telling U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel of the Western District of Texas why the state’s “Dismemberment Abortion Ban” is

More than a month after Hurricane Harvey, Houston abortion clinics still offering free abortions; Pro-Life pregnancy centers work to meet needs

By Texas Right to Life In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texans are still struggling to rebuild lives destroyed in the catastrophic flooding in and around Houston. Pro-Life pregnancy centers continue to respond to the urgent needs

Texas Futile Care Law in the Dock

By Wesley J. Smith Imagine your dad is in the ICU with a stroke, struggling for life. Imagine, having listened to the wise voices in bioethics, that he wrote an advance directive, leaving instructions about the medical

Judge sets November 2 trial date for lawsuit brought against Texas’ ban on dismemberment abortions

By Dave Andrusko Last week we reported that U.S. District Court Lee Yeakel of the Western District of Texas had issued a temporary restraining order blocking Texas’ Dismemberment Abortion Ban– part of Senate Bill 8–while the full lawsuit

Abortion group exploits Hurricane Harvey to raise money for elective abortions in Texas

By Texas Right to Life The Lilith Fund, an anti-Life group that raises money for abortions, is using Hurricane Harvey as an opportunity to push an abortion agenda in Texas. While many Texans in the path of