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Teen Vogue’s Disturbing Detour to Slam Pregnancy Centers Accidentally Promotes Them

Lindsay Johnson is charged with suffocating her newborn son to death in April, 2016.

By Jay Hobbs “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Those words, originally attributed to Winston Churchill, were followed in a surprising way this weekend by Teen Vogue, which went out of its way to exploit

Teen Vogue Has Already Pushed Abortion to Teens 63 Times in 2017

By Katie Yoder Teen magazines targeting young women are no longer about make-up application, fashion tips or crushes. No, now they’ve found a more lucrative topic: abortion. Earlier this month, Teen Vogue rightfully came under fire after

Teen Vogue tells post-abortion teens all they need are upbeat tee-shirts and baseball caps

And a Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book By Rai Rojas Somewhere in America, a 16-year-old girl will have an abortion today. If she happens to live in one of the deep blue Democrat controlled states without parental