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Husband/wife team arrested following sex-selection abortions in India

By Dave Andrusko While prenatal testing for gender is illegal in India, there is a constant stream of stories that the practice of aborting female babies because they are not boys continues to flourish. The Times of

Bioethics think tank says new prenatal test could lead to aborting babies who are the “wrong gender” or with other “undesirable” traits

Says technique should be “restricted” Editor’s note. This is based on a post that appeared on the blog of SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children and is reposted with permission. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has

Sex-Selection abortion results in huge gender disparity in Canadian women born in India

Dr. Marcelo Urquia

By Dave Andrusko A study published Monday in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada documents that for Indian women migrating to Canada, a preference for boys over girls does not diminish, regardless of how long they have

Condemning sex selection abortions difficult for pro-choice activists

By Sarah Terzo Abortion rights groups are put in a difficult position by sex-selection abortions. They have said for years that a woman’s decision to abort is no one’s business but her own, and that no one

Woman forced into a sex-selection abortion, but British authorities refuse to press charges out of “political correctness”

Mandy Sanghera, human rights activist and government adviser

By Dave Andrusko Regular NRL News Today readers will remember the dozens of stories we posted about a 2012 undercover Daily Telegraph investigation that revealed beyond doubt that abortionists in Britain were willing to abort a child

Discrimination on top of discrimination

By Paul Stark Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through September 6. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” — the

Sex-Selection abortions are terrible for women–unborn baby girls

By Dave Andrusko I should have known better, of course, but on first glance I honestly misread the intent of the headline at Slate.com: “Why Sex-Selective Abortion Bans Are Terrible for Women—and Unconstitutional.” Just for a minute,

For the pro-abortionist, the inherent contradictions of sex-selective abortions

By Dave Andrusko For that tiny sliver of the population which believes there are never enough abortions and never a reason to stop any abortion, no matter how flimsy the grounds, it’s to be expected they could

Sex-Selective abortion in New York: an open secret

By Dave Andrusko The headline in the New York Press is “Sex-Selective Abortion in New York.” Written by Rui Miao and Virginia Gunawan, the story alternates between minimizing the occurrence and more candid comments that the “old

The scary advance of gendercide in Nepal

By Xavier Symons In these pages we have published a number of stories documenting the practice of sex-selective abortion in India and China; it is, however, not restricted to these countries. Rates of sex-selective abortion in Nepal

Australia to ponder sex selection

By Michael Cook Sex selection is on the agenda in Australia. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has called for public comment on new guidelines for IVF clinics. The most contentious change involves removing a

Pro-abortion NGOs: Right to Abortion Above Girls’ Right to Life

Editor’s note. This appeared on the webpage of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI). Asia-based NGOs hosted a meeting in New Delhi to discuss the impact of efforts to reduce sex selective abortion on access to