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Abortion’s Circle of Grief Is Not Limited to Two

By Dave Andrusko Last month I wrote two posts about a series of stories in which the Cincinnati Enquirer interviewed six women about their decision to abort, or not to abort. One of the original interviewees, Meg

The rest of local woman’s story about her abortion

By Meg Perez Editor’s note. Last month I wrote two posts [here and here] based on a series of six stories headlined, “Abortion: The most important decision of her life—How six women who each considered abortion made

Second in series: “After adoption, an abortion – and regret”

By Dave Andrusko As we wrote in “Set to abort, mother who changed her mind says without her son, ‘I wouldn’t have had a purpose yet,’” The Cincinnati Enquirer, no hotbed of pro-life sentiment, ran a series

My boyfriend said he would push me down the stairs if I didn’t have an abortion

By Carole Novielli A woman who said she was pressured into an abortion by her boyfriend, has uploaded a message of abortion regret, accusing Planned Parenthood of sucking out her child with a vacuum, calling it medical