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The contrasting post-office fates of the Obamas and Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

Pro-abortion former President Barack Obama and pro-abortion former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

By Dave Andrusko It was, for me, an interesting juxtaposition of stories and headlines. First, in today’s Washington Post, “For Obamas, paid-speaking circuit can pose risks to their brand” while in the South Carolina Charleston Post-Courier, “Former Texas senator Wendy Davis

Follow up thoughts on the exclusion of pro-lifers from the Democratic Party

By Dave Andrusko So what’s different about DNC chairman Tom Perez’s fiery declaration that there is no room for a pro-life candidate in the Democratic Party? Hasn’t the party been, at best, non-supportive of pro-life candidates, and, at worst (and

A disturbing read into the process of malevolent apologetics

By Dave Andrusko Looking to update the situation in Iowa, I ran across a letter to the editor which praised the Des Moines Register for running pro-life and pro-abortion point/counterpoint. The letter writer eviscerated the pro-lifer and elevated the pro-abortionist

Anne Lamott and the “cat” she did not allow into her life

Anne Lamott

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. Author Anne Lamott turns 63 this week. Over the years we have run several stories about this wonderfully creative, emotionally complex, and, alas, resolutely pro-abortion writer. This story first ran in 2005 and was a

Under pressure, pro-abortion Irish group returns donation from Soros Foundation

George Soros

By Dave Andrusko In prior posts we’ve discussed the massive investments pro-abortion billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation has made to overturn protective abortion laws around the world. For example last August, the Independent reported A foundation headed up by

The closer the confirmation hearings, the more hysterical the pro-abortionists

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch

By Dave Andrusko With confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch set to begin next Monday, the Abortion Industry and its media allies are ramping up opposition to Neil Gorsuch, the federal appeals court judge President Donald Trump has nominated to

Pro-aborts toured Ireland handing out illegal abortion pills. The pro-life response was incredible

'Witches4Abortion' march in Ireland to support attempts to appeal the country's Eighth Amendment.

By Fr. Mark Hodges DUBLIN, Ireland, — A pro-abortion bus tour of Ireland this week to hand out abortifacient drugs without a doctor’s supervision was supported by self-proclaimed “Gay Witches” and challenged with pictorial truths by pro-lifers. The three-day, multi-city

Pro-abortion Howard Dean counsels Democrats to continue excluding pro-lifers

By Dave Andrusko In a separate post today we pick up on the ongoing fallout (fascinating, by the way) to a pro-life op-ed that appeared in the New York Times. Particularly, by way of preview, on the insistence that a

Even prominent pro-abortion columnists aren’t anti-life enough for her

Steph Herold

By Dave Andrusko When you are a pro-abortion columnist, one who will defend abortion up and down the line, it must be a bit of a shock when someone who is even MORE pro-abortion than you are politely boxes your

Ironic: MSNBC Panel Laughs at Kellyanne for Calling Feminism ‘Pro-Abortion’

By Katie Yoder It’s OK when the feminist media say it, but not when Kellyanne Conway says it: today’s feminism stands for abortion. On Friday, MSNBC correspondent Ari Melber, filling in for Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word, invited panelists

Whistling past the graveyard, Democrats cling to pro-abortion stance that is eviscerating the party

By Dave Andrusko I’m trying to be objective–and actually the evidence of the disintegration of the pro-abortion Democratic Party is so obvious it makes it easy to just lay out the facts, one, two…two hundred. Let’s start, so to speak,

The morally-stunted pro-abortion mind in its native habitat (Glamour magazine)

By Dave Andrusko I suppose, in the back of my mind, I was probably thinking, “Well, if I cover every crazy pro-abortion story in Glamour magazine, I’ll never get to anything else.” But that was just an excuse, I see