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Another recycled celebration of a pro-abortion “pioneer”

Abortionist Jane Hodgson

By Dave Andrusko Come an anniversary, the publication of yet another pro-abortion rehash of the “history of abortion rights,” a partial eclipse of the sun, whatever it takes, large or small, we can be sure that journalists

Pro-Abortion Arguments Often Rest on Denying Science

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Editor’s note. This appears in the current digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please be sure to read the entire 37-page issue and pass stories along using

You are pro-abortion, Gloria Steinem, Own it.

By Ryan Bomberger Editor’s note. Mr. Bomberger spoke at the NRL 2017 Convention Prayer Breakfast this morning. We will be writing about his remarkable speech later today. This previously was reposted at NRL News Today. Ahhhh, the

Tasteless as ever, pro-abortionists fundraise by bashing pro-life Vice President Pence

By Dave Andrusko Scout’s Honor, I meant to write about this before June 7 but…I didn’t. So, for the last post of the week, let me just say a few words about “Let’s ruin Mike Pence’s birthday,”

Pro-abortionists spin furiously but “Life is winning again in America”

By Dave Andrusko Having written my share of book reviews, I know the added blessing that comes along when you are evaluating/critiquing multiple books on the same topic. You can go hither and yon and correct/deepen the

Mn. Congressional candidate Jensen defends abortion, not unborn children

Pro-abortion Mn. State Sen. Vicki Jensen

By Bill Poehler ST. PAUL — Vicki Jensen sees no place for laws to protect innocent unborn human life, according to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), the state’s oldest and largest pro-life organization. The pro-abortion former

The dead-end of pro-abortion elitism

By Dave Andrusko When you pile through as much copy as I do, you eventually learn there are good reads (lots), even better reads (a few less), great reads (fairly rare), and must-reads (distressingly hard to find).

Pro-abortionists critique turning abortion into an “economic issue,” their alternative just as evasive

Anat Shenker-Osorio

By Dave Andrusko These are dark and confusing and confounding days for pro-abortionists who are floundering [struggling] as they try to avoid foundering [sinking]. That is why we see them repacking (yet again!) the decision to take

Why an essentially uniformly pro-abortion Media Elite would benefit from real diversity

By Dave Andrusko Stay with me for just a second, this really does directly apply to us. I was reading a post today written by Michael Cook, who is the editor of the very fine website Bioedge.

Own it. You are pro-abortion, Gloria Steinem

By Ryan Bomberger Editor’s note. This appeared at LifeSite News and is reposted with permission. Ahhhh, the Huffington Post—all the fake news that’s fit to print. Pro-abortion icon, Gloria Steinem, doesn’t want to own her radical abortion activism.

The contrasting post-office fates of the Obamas and Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

Pro-abortion former President Barack Obama and pro-abortion former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

By Dave Andrusko It was, for me, an interesting juxtaposition of stories and headlines. First, in today’s Washington Post, “For Obamas, paid-speaking circuit can pose risks to their brand” while in the South Carolina Charleston Post-Courier, “Former Texas

Follow up thoughts on the exclusion of pro-lifers from the Democratic Party

By Dave Andrusko So what’s different about DNC chairman Tom Perez’s fiery declaration that there is no room for a pro-life candidate in the Democratic Party? Hasn’t the party been, at best, non-supportive of pro-life candidates, and,