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With plenty of experience at it, Wendy Davis tell Duke freshmen to “Fail doing something that matters to you deep in your gut”

By Dave Andrusko The story appeared in today’s edition of The Chronicle, the student newspaper at Duke University, under the headline. “’Fail doing something that matters to you’: Wendy Davis tells first-years to learn from others’ experiences.”

“It’s in the book.”Pro-abortion “progressive Christian” evades question whether unborn child is human

By Dave Andrusko Over at “The ‘progressive Christian argument’ for abortion in all its incoherence,” I wrote about The Rev. Rebecca Todd Peters, based on an excerpt from her book, Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for

Honestly? “No one is ‘pro-abortion’”?

By Dave Andrusko It’s been a long time now, but I clearly remember a panel I was once a part of at a professional journalism association. It was a very interesting collection. There was little old me,

Pro-abortion author says the lesson of the Irish referendum is that abortion is “love”

By Dave Andrusko Katha Pollitt is a veteran pro-abortion author and scribe whose ramblings we have dissected on numerous occasions. Like most everyone Pollitt was surprised (and, in her case, overjoyed) when a referendum in Ireland overwhelmingly

The many ways pro-abortionists attempt to mangle pro-life free speech

By Dave Andrusko In light of the violent attack Tuesday at YouTube’s Silicon Valley headquarters, because (we’re told) the shooter “was upset with YouTube’s practices and policies,” the actions the same day by “pro-choice activists” in San

New study, funded by pro-abortion foundations, finds abortion “safe”

Of course, study finds no complications or after-effects By Dave Andrusko Since (a) the report is a whopping 240 pages long and (b)“was funded by six private foundations” all with pro-abortion associations–Buffet, Packard, Hewitt, etc,1 –what can we

Never allow the pro-abortion media to mislead you

By Dave Andrusko You need look no further back than the 2016 presidential election to know that polls can be suggestive but hardly definitive. In fact they can be flat-out wrong. This is even more so now

Pro-abortionist wonders how to counter “my own internalized abortion stigma”

By Dave Andrusko A while back the Abortion Establishment, worried that the tiresome “war on women” had long reached its expiration date and fresh out of new ideas, shifted gears. The attempted—and continue to do so today—to

An abysmal pro-abortion analysis of pro-life “rhetoric”

By Dave Andrusko Turnabout is fair play, I always say. Many is the time I’ve dissembled pro-abortion rhetoric, piece by piece, so let’s see how successful Tara Culp-Ressler is in her piece, “Your Glossary to Decoding the

New York State Attorney General’s Office Complicit in Fake Facebook Profile to Persecute Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors

Editor’s note. This was provided by the Thomas More Law Center. ANN ARBOR, MI – In startling courtroom admissions during cross examination by Thomas More Law Center (“TMLC”) attorney, Tyler Brooks, the New York Attorney General’s star

Canada Employment minister hints pro-abortion pledge could be expanded to other grants

By Claire Chretien CANADA, January 23, 2018 – A Canadian government representative repeatedly refused to say whether the requirement that employers sign a pro-abortion attestation in order to receive summer job grants may be expanded to other

Why Does the New York Times Choose Abortion Over Free Speech?

By Jay Hobbs In an op-ed published Thursday at the New York Times, Yale Law professor and Planned Parenthood donor Linda Greenhouse unleashed a borderline illiterate vindication of California’s attempt to force pro-lifers into parroting a state-approved