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Prenatal diagnosis of heart defects leads to more happy outcomes

  By Dave Andrusko A tip of the hat to News 4 in Jackson, Florida and to the Miami Herald for wonderful accounts about Tina Morton and her now five-month-old daughter, Addison. Reporters Jodi Mohrmann and Howard

Catholic groups provide support, friendship, and hope to parents after prenatal diagnosis

  By Nancy Flanders Receiving a prenatal diagnosis can be the most heartbreaking time in a person’s life. Being told that your child has a small chance at living or won’t live at all can instill the

Adverse prenatal diagnosis: Marlena’s story

Editor’s note. This guest post appeared at blog.secularprolife.org/2013/09/adverse-prenatal-diagnosis-marlenas.html. It was written by Secular Pro-Life member Lindsey Musgrave. By Lindsey Musgrave I hope that this story emphasizes the importance of researching all options and even getting a second