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New Gallup Poll Shows Massive Opposition to Roe v. Wade

By Right to Life of Michigan Every year Gallup does polling on the issue of abortion. They are one of the better polling outfits, because they will ask more specific questions than most others. For the first

Most Americans still oppose the reasons for which almost all abortions are performed

Also more people still consider abortion morally wrong than morally acceptable, Gallup reports By Dave Andrusko Twice in the last two weeks NRL News Today posted about an upcoming series of six stories that Gallup said it

More people still consider abortion morally wrong than morally acceptable

By Dave Andrusko Each year Gallup conducts what it calls its annual “Values and Beliefs survey,” typically conducted in early May. Over the course of the year Gallup will filet those numbers every which way. The first

Very Few Old Media Outlets Note Reuters’ Midterm Election Poll Swinging to GOP

By Tom Blumer Earlier this week, Reuters/Ipsos reported that its generic “How Will You Vote?” poll ahead of November’s mid-term elections had swung into Republicans’ favor for the first time this year, erasing a double-digit lead Democrats

Best numbers “in pretty much forever”

By Dave Andrusko Wow, it’s only Monday and we’ve already met a prime example of “you can’t make this stuff up.” Reuters/Ipsos introduces its own poll released today with this disclaimer: This week’s Reuters/Ipsos Core Political release presents

Bad poll news for pro-abortion incumbent Democratic senators

By Dave Andrusko If I believe, and I most assuredly do, that it borders on absurdity to draw even tentative conclusions about the lay of the political landscape months out, why would I bother to discuss the

Nothing To See Here: MSNBC Buries Poll Favoring GOP, Trumpets Early Voting Numbers

By Bill D’Agostino Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission. For the week of March 5, MSNBC’s coverage put the liberal media’s biased gatekeeping practices on full display. After feverishly reporting on favorable

Understanding the latest poll numbers showing support to repeal Ireland’s Protective “Eighth Amendment”

By Dave Andrusko On Thursday we wrote about how pro-lifers in the Republic of Ireland have stepped up their ground game and their social media outreach as they near the day when the Irish Parliament will decide

Another dubious interpretation of Gallup’s survey on abortion

By Dave Andrusko As we’ve explained before Gallup annually conducts what it calls its “Values and Beliefs poll” which it then mines for the rest of the year. Each subsequent post builds on the previous one[s], sometimes

Latest Gallup numbers very encouraging for pro-lifers

By Dave Andrusko If memory serves me right, it is usually around the beginning of May that Gallup conducts with it calls its annual Values and Beliefs survey. The results trickle out over the next couple of

British abortion activists conveniently ignore latest poll, falsely insist public supports decriminalization of abortion

SPUC's Communications Officer Alithea Williams

Editor’s note. This post comes from SPUC–The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children and is reposted with permission. Abortion campaigners have launched a new campaign encouraging parliamentary candidates to sign a pledge committing to support the decriminalization

Another misleading, incomplete WaPo analysis of a new poll

By Dave Andrusko We’ve posted a couple of stories about the bogus allegation that pro-life President Trump’s base has or is in the process of “deserting” him. The impetus for the idea was an anecdote-filled story by