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Poll of Minnesotans’ views on Roe v. Wade is highly misleading

By Paul Stark A new Star Tribune-MPR News poll indicates that 59 percent of Minnesotans want Roe v. Wade kept in place. That’s a highly misleading and unreliable finding. Here’s the poll question: “Roe v. Wade was

New Abortion Poll with Dishonest Headline

By Right to Life of Michigan “Republicans divided over abortion,” the headline reads. The Hill teamed up with a sister company of the Harris Poll for a survey on the topic of abortion. The major takeaway, in

Pro-life majority found in recent poll

By Dave Andrusko According to The Hill, a recent online poll on abortion conducted by Hill.TV and the HarrisX polling company “found that 41 percent of respondents believe that the procedure should be legal in limited circumstances,

A few thoughts about the elections 77 days out

By Dave Andrusko Just for fun, since we are still 77 days away from the November 6 mid-term elections, I thought we’d talk about an interview CBS News pollster Anthony Salvanto gave to the New York Post.

“Fake News” on abortion from WPRI 12

Providence, RI—WPRI 12 released a poll last week purporting to show strong support for an abortion bill held for further study during this past session in the General Assembly. But they failed to mention that the question

Trump reaches 50% approval in latest Rasmussen survey

By Dave Andrusko A quick post about President Trump’s approval numbers. Rasmussen Reports surveys tend to give the President higher numbers because they do not ask “adults” or “registered voters” but “likely voters.” But what is also

Mangling results of abortion opinion polls continues apace

By Dave Andrusko The headline to Laura Santhanam’s story read, “How has public opinion about abortion changed since Roe v. Wade?”. Like virtually all the poll-related stories that have cropped up since Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

Gallup says women slightly more pro-choice than men but veteran pro-abortion pollster says women are “less likely to be pro-choice”

By Dave Andrusko We’ve previously discussed three of Gallup’s promised six-part series on abortion and public opinion (see here; here and here). Among other conclusions, we can say More people still consider abortion morally wrong (49%) than

Here comes another wave of misleading polls to mislead the public about abortion

By Dave Andrusko As you would expect, with the looming possibility that Justice Anthony Kennedy would announce his retirement (which he did last week), pro-abortion organizations began cranking out “research” to “prove” that the public is in

New Gallup Poll Shows Massive Opposition to Roe v. Wade

By Right to Life of Michigan Every year Gallup does polling on the issue of abortion. They are one of the better polling outfits, because they will ask more specific questions than most others. For the first

Most Americans still oppose the reasons for which almost all abortions are performed

Also more people still consider abortion morally wrong than morally acceptable, Gallup reports By Dave Andrusko Twice in the last two weeks NRL News Today posted about an upcoming series of six stories that Gallup said it

More people still consider abortion morally wrong than morally acceptable

By Dave Andrusko Each year Gallup conducts what it calls its annual “Values and Beliefs survey,” typically conducted in early May. Over the course of the year Gallup will filet those numbers every which way. The first