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State Rep Brian Elder: Profile in Cowardice

By Right to Life of Michigan Flashback: August 2, 2016. It was a great night for the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee (RLM-PAC). It was primary election night, and RLM-PAC endorsed candidates won in

The stakes could not be higher in 2018

By Karen Cross, NRL Political Director Editor’s note. This speech was part of a Friday general session entitled, “Saving Lives Means Saving the House and Senate in 2018 Good morning! It is wonderful to be with you

Generic advantage Democratic candidates enjoy is down two-thirds since January

Margin shrunk to 4 points By Dave Andrusko A story in Wednesday’s Washington Post ran under the headline, “Abortion wars are heating up ahead of November midterms.”  I won’t have time to write directly about the ideas

Why abortion is different from other political issues

By Paul Stark When voters decide which candidates to elect to public office, they often consider a range of important political issues. But not all issues should carry the same weight. Abortion is different from other issues

NARAL fears Ohio Gubernatorial race has “national implications”

By Dave Andrusko It is a badge of honor when pro-abortion sites throw slurs such as “anti-choice crusaders” at you and warn that what you are doing (to save unborn babies) “may have implications in the 45-year

Don’t Let This Moment Get Away

By Carol Tobias, President Like many of you, I have been in our battle to protect innocent human life for a very long time. I can’t recall a time that you and I have had such a

PPFA’s Cecile Richards’ commitment to “social justice” doesn’t include the unjust deaths of over 330,000 victims a year

By Dave Andrusko It’s hard to come up with anyone who receives better press (aside from criticism from pro-lifers) than Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s head honcho. But new heights (or depths) a recent interview conducted by CafeMom’s

First in the nation caucuses only hours away

By Dave Andrusko We used to live in Minnesota so even if I hadn’t already been a political junkie, I would have paid close attention to the Iowa caucuses, living just across the border. That interest has

AEI Analysis Shows Growing Importance of Sanctity of Life Issues

By Michael J. New Last week the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) released an analysis of abortion as an election issue. The analysis and the corresponding Forbes editorial, authored by AEI senior fellow Karlyn Bowman, attempts to argue

Next GOP debate is December 15, Trump well ahead among Republican primary voters, according to latest poll

By Dave Andrusko The last debate among Republican presidential candidates takes place in five days in Las Vegas, Nevada. As has the sponsor of each debate, CNN is establishing its own criteria to determine which candidates will

Tonight is the second Democratic presidential debate.

Despite the fact that all of the Democratic candidates are pro-abortion, I bet you won’t hear much about it. That’s because their extreme views are a losing issue with most Americans. And they know it. Every single

Why are political polls increasingly so inaccurate?

By Dave Andrusko Last week, when NRL Political Director Karen Cross wrote about the November 3 victory of pro-lifer Matt Bevin in the Kentucky gubernatorial contest, she mentioned that, once again, the polls were way off. Those