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Canada Conjoining Euthanasia/Organ Donation

By Wesley J. Smith In my first anti-euthanasia column, published in Newsweek in 1993, I warned that eventually medicalized killing/suicide would be conjoined with organ harvesting “as a plum to society.” “Slippery slope argument!” my detractors yelled

Dutch and Belgian doctors propose changes to increase the popularity of combining euthanasia and organ donation

By Michael Cook Several Dutch and Belgian doctors have proposed legal reforms to increase the popularity of combining euthanasia and organ donation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, they report valuable

Belgium Combines Organ Donation Presumed Consent, Euthanasia

By Wesley J. Smith A just published article in the Journal of Medical Ethics argues for allowing killing by organ removal as a form of euthanasia and organ donation. The authors mention that Belgium has “presumed consent”

Hospital says teenager shot in murder spree was not declared brain dead

By Dave Andrusko On Monday we posted a story about a glimmer of light in the horrific weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan in which a Uber driver stands accused of murdering six people. A number of stories, which

Euthanize Prisoner to Use Organs for Parents?

By Wesley J. Smith This won’t happen, but I don’t know how euthanasia supporters could oppose the request. A murderer is suffering from imprisonment. He wants to die so his organs can be used to save his

Hey Kids: Let’s Organ-Harvest the Suicidal!

  By Wesley J. Smith I warned this would happen back in my first anti-assisted suicide article–Newsweek, June 28, 1993–in which I wrote: Of greater concern to me is the moral trickledown effect that could result should

MS Patient “Hero” for Euthanasia/Organ Harvest

  By Wesley J. Smith So, this is where euthanasia leads, and how its values spread like a virus. Belgium permits euthanasia to be combined with organ harvesting. That odious couplng has now apparently spread to the

Bioethics Push Poll to Allow Killing for Organs

  By Wesley J. Smith To donate vital organs, a donor must be dead. This is known as the “dead donor rule, I have been warning that utilitarian bioethicists and transplant medical professionals want to shatter the

Asking Awake ICU Patients to Harvest Organs

  By Wesley J. Smith Pick your cliche: Give them an inch and they will take a mile; in for a penny in for a pound, etc. In bioethics, there is never a permanent boundary beyond which

Legalize Murder for Organs?

By Wesley J. Smith The attacks on the dead donor rule–which requires death as a precondition of donating vital organs–are continuing in the world’s most prestigious medical and bioethical journals. Take the New England Journal of Medicine,

Altruistic assisted suicide – surely you can’t be serious?

By Paul Russell Editor’s note. While my family and I are on vacation, we are running some of our favorite NRL News Today stories from the last four months, entries from our “Roe at 40″ series, and

Disabled Woman Wants Suicide/Organ Donation

By Wesley J. Smith I have been warning against coupling assisted suicide with organ harvesting since 1993, when I wrote my first anti-assisted suicide column in Newsweek. From, “The Whispers of Strangers:” Life is action and reaction,