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Now that President Obama is about to leave, yes, we can!

President Obama delivers farewell address in Chicago

By Dave Andrusko As is our custom with the last post of the day, this will be brief. With other more pressing things to do last night, I watched President Obama’s farewell address this morning. After watching and then reading

ABC Loses It Post-Obama ‘Sermon on Democracy’; ‘Song of Hope’ Showing ‘What’s Possible’

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

By Curtis Houck My friends, it’s happened. Following President Obama’s farewell address on Tuesday night, ABC poured out warm fuzzies for the President as the assembled liberal journalists bowed down to his “sermon on democracy” doubling as a “song of

Wonder if Obama counted noses when he “rallied” Democrats to oppose Republicans’ agenda?

By Dave Andrusko Kudos to WMAL’s Chris Plante who spoke eloquently about the double standard on display when it was announced the Democratic National Committees is building a ‘war room’ (staffed by “former aides to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign”) to

“Reclaiming Hope” or re-writing history?

By Dave Andrusko There’s been a fair amount of chatter, overwhelmingly positive, about an interview the former director of Barack Obama’s 2012 faith outreach gave to Emma Green of the Atlantic. I am considerably less positive, although the interview, which

Farewell gift from Obama to his friends at Planned Parenthood

PPFA President Cecile Richards embracing pro-abortion President Barack Obama

By Dave Andrusko Back in September NRL News Today posted stories about a proposed Health & Human Services(HHS) rule that would nullify state eligibility thresholds that prioritizes Title X grants to full-service medical facilities. On Wednesday, the Obama Administration finalized

Comparing what two Presidents said on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. We are just over five weeks away from the 44th anniversary of the hideous Roe v. Wade decision, a commemoration that comes two days after pro-life President Donald Trump’s inauguration. This month we will largely

Obama using his time as a lame-duck to “shape the narrative” about his presidency

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

By Dave Andrusko What a morning it was as my wife and I shared astonishment over two stories from today’s Washington Post. The stories are so remarkable I’ll offer separate posts. The first will be reflections on David Nakamura’s story

The insidious way Team Obama is funneling money to Planned Parenthood

By Rep. Diane Black (R-Tn.) Editor’s note. This first ran on Fox News.com. As President Obama runs out the clock on the last months of his Administration, promulgating sweeping rules and acting by executive fiat wherever possible, perhaps he should

A straightforward explanation “How Obama Gets Away With It”

Using a 3D-printed bubble wand at the White House Science Fair, April 13. PHOTO:GETTY IMAGES

By Dave Andrusko While Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Bernie Sanders are awash in media coverage, Richard Benedetto, a retired USA Today White House correspondent and columnist, raises an intriguing question of selective media passivity in a column that

New York Times Interviewer Tells Obama He’s ‘Amazing’ in Representing ‘Grief and Hope’

By Tim Graham James Taranto at The Wall Street Journal had some fun with President Obama earlier in the week, matching headlines: “Obama Makes Case Against Donald Trump, Saying Presidency ‘Is Not a Reality Show’ ”—headline, New York Times, May

National Right to Life: The next President will pick Justice Scalia’s successor

WASHINGTON — The head of the nation’s largest pro-life organization, National Right to Life, said that her organization’s members will strongly support Republican senators’ decision to preserve the current U.S. Supreme Court vacancy for the next president to fill. “This

Obama decries “poisonous political climate,” oblivious to his own responsibility

By Dave Andrusko As do all presidents, Barack Obama, one month into the final month of his final term, is doing his best to write the script for how his two administrations will eventually be judged by history. Part of