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New York Times on terrible conditions in abortion “mills”

By Sarah Terzo In an article from 1991, the New York Times wrote about rundown, sleazy “abortion mills” in New York City. The article described abortion in New York City this way: “It is a shadowy business,

A hysterical pro-abortion rant against Democrats’ pretense they don’t have an abortion “litmus test”

By Dave Andrusko Lindy West is a recent addition (July 1) to the stable of New York Times opinion writers who are so far out to sea they make Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders look like Republicans.

London hospital, NY Times consistent to the end: the wishes of Charlie’s parents must be overridden

By Dave Andrusko “GetReligion” is an extremely helpful source that describes itself as “a national and global journalism site focusing on how the mainstream press covers religion news in politics, entertainment, business and sports.” It does many,

NY Times Follows WashPost In Abolishing Internal Reader’s Advocate, Shunning Transparency

By Tim Graham Michael Calderone at HuffPost reported The New York Times is abolishing its office of “Public Editor,” established in the wake of the Jayson Blair fake-news scandal in 2003. Liz Spayd, the current staffer in

Abortionist Willie Parker: a man for all seasons for the likes of the New York Times

Abortionist Willie Parker

By Dave Andrusko As a lengthy addendum to our post on a recent interview abortionist Willie Parker gave, I’d like to talk about the interview the New York Times Magazine conducted with itinerant abortionist, Willie Parker. As you

Mea Culpa Attempt at NY Times Over Bogus Pats’ White House Photo Comparison Is Itself Bogus

By Tom Blumer The New York Times is trying to make it look like it’s doing everything it can to back away from the tweet it published Wednesday afternoon showing a bogus comparison of the turnouts from

Now THIS is embarrassing: fake news so fake even the NYTimes can’t deny it

By Dave Andrusko To be honest I was too busy Wednesday being amused by the surprise visit of Rob Gronkowski, the all-pro tight end for the New England Patriots, to the daily White House press briefing to

Provoking a spirited exchange in the pro-death newspaper of record

Lauren Enriquez

By Dave Andrusko When the New York Times runs a guest pro-life op-ed….when a pro-abortion Times columnist subsequently concedes there is something to the argument….and when in the following days the Times publishes a vigorous pro-and-con on

Even a NY Times columnist admits abortion is the “taking of human life”

By Dave Andrusko The New York Times runs something it calls the “Opinion Today” newsletter which (in its typically modest way) the newspaper describes as a place readers can come to to read “influential, thought-provoking commentary” and

NY Times bemoans what a pro-life administration can do

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump and his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway

By Dave Andrusko The editorial in today’s New York Times —“What’s at Stake: Protecting Reproductive Rights Under Donald Trump”– is a very important reminder of what a presidential administration can do short of making nominations to the

“Public Editor” pays the price for telling the truth about the New York Times rampant bias

By Dave Andrusko You didn’t need to be a media insider to anticipate that the usual suspects would target the New York Times “Public Editor” for being candid enough to admit that the Times’ 2016 campaign coverage

NY Times Public Editor frankly addresses newspaper’s richly earned “liberal” reputation

By Dave Andrusko In a much under-appreciated speech, pro-life President George W. Bush once spoke of the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Now, to be clear, the New York Times is hardly a child lost in the