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The closer the confirmation hearings, the more hysterical the pro-abortionists

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch

By Dave Andrusko With confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch set to begin next Monday, the Abortion Industry and its media allies are ramping up opposition to Neil Gorsuch, the federal appeals court judge President Donald Trump has nominated to

NARAL tells pro-abortion Democrats to fight Trump Supreme Court nominee

By Dave Andrusko Ask yourself who said this: “If we’ve learned anything from the first 11 days of the Trump administration, it’s that President Donald Trump intends to govern exactly as he promised during his campaign.” If you said Ilyse

NARAL President tells her carefully crafted abortion “story” to Teen Vogue

By Dave Andrusko We’re told by Teen Vogue that to mark the 44th anniversary of the “momentous” 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, the magazine “is sharing the stories of real women who have chosen to have an abortion in their

About those “anti-choice extremists”….

By Dave Andrusko I guess NARAL Pro-Choice America decided four “anti-choice extremists” were enough to get pro-abortionists’ blood boiling–and entice them to give a “Year-End gift [that] will be doubled.” In the fundraising e-blast, NARAL’s President Ilyse Hogue, cited Vice

NARAL Suddenly Wants to Feed Poor Kids… If They Can Survive the Womb First

By Jay Hobbs A little bit of twisted irony: NARAL Pro-Choice America is really mad this week that welfare money in seven states is going toward pro-life pregnancy centers. That fact won’t surprise you, but exactly why NARAL objects to

NARAL tries desperately to pretend Trump’s pro-life stance did not help him

By Dave Andrusko As an end-of-the-year fundraiser (“Your year-end gift will be doubled”), NARAL offered up an argument that is puzzling even by its customary incoherent standards. The first part of the email is evasive and misleading. Quoting a headline

PPFA’s Richards and NARAL’s Hogue tout Hillary Clinton’s absolute commitment to abortion

By Dave Andrusko We have written several times about Cecile Richards’ decision to at long last talk about her abortion. I argued that the likely explanation was she was flushed out by militants so radical Richards was afraid of being

NARAL President tells her “Abortion Story”

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. We are reposting this story from last February in conjunction with a story about Hogue’s speech to the Democratic National Convention we’re posting today. They nicely complement one another, giving a fuller context to her

NARAL bashes strongly pro-life GOP “Protecting Human Life” platform plank

By Dave Andrusko Who’d thought, what are the odds, that yours truly would agree (for altogether different reasons) with Ilyse G. Hogue, President, NARAL Pro-Choice America, not once in one week but twice? First, she bemoaned Donald Trump’s selection of

On NARAL’s Coffee and a 5-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand

By Jay Hobbs Last week marked a full year since the Center for Medical Progress released its first of 13 (and counting) videos exposing the abortion industry’s grisly trafficking in the body parts of aborted babies. As if to commemorate

NARAL, California and an epic fail at pro-abortion comedy

By Ryan Scott Bomberger Nothing brings laughter like having an abortion, right? Add NARAL into the mix and you have a really, really, really bad pro-abortion, comedy based on…well, it’s NARAL. So it’s all based on a lie. It’s called

NARAL’s unceasing campaign to corrupt everything it touches

By Dave Andrusko Since abortion corrupts everything it touches and its proponents never cease looking for new targets to debase, we’ve grown used to Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice trying to co-opt Father’s Day. Pro-abortion-to-the-gills Hillary Clinton is their candidate.